I Am Mahasadashiva

I Am Mahasadashiva the Ever-Auspicious, Eternal, Immutable, Beginningless, Endless. I create these infinite Manifest and Unmanifest Universes again and again, through the power of My third eye. I am the Hub of the great wheel on which millions upon millions of galaxies spin. As Advaita, Oneness, I am the spindle and the fulcrum of All … Continue reading I Am Mahasadashiva

The Lifestyle of Manifesting Extraordinary Shaktis

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is experienced by millions worldwide as The Avatar of this day and age, bringing permanent, precious solutions from ancient Hindu sacred texts for the global crisis being faced today. His Holiness is reviving sacred yogic sciences from Sanatana Hindu Dharma - including awakening of the kundalini shakti - our own highest potential energy, … Continue reading The Lifestyle of Manifesting Extraordinary Shaktis