Shankar and Ramalingam Ayya share on the divine horoscope revealed on The Avatar

Upon The Happening of His Divine Holiness on Planet Earth, Ma Lokanayaki and her father, Raju Mudaliar, arranged for the traditional horoscope to be read for The Avatar. They called upon the renowned family astrologer, Venkatasamy Chettiar, who lived within five houses on Kanni Kovil Street as Raju Mudaliar in Tiruvannamalai.

Accompanying Ma Lokanayaki was one of her friends to witness the prediction which was about to take place, and who would not forget this moment even half-a-century into the future. Upon reading the horoscope for His Divine Holiness, Venkatasamy Chettiar was stunned and perplexed as to how to reveal this news to a traditional, affectionate mother without uprooting her peace.

“Your son will be successful in all things He takes up,” He said first. “He will create a breakthrough in all fields that He enters,” He continued. Then finally he revealed the most prominent reading of the divine horoscope, “He will be a Rajasanyasi, the king of sanyasis”

Venkatasamy Chettiar comforted the biological parents of His Divine Holiness saying, “If you delay conveying this to Him, you can delay the process of Him leaving you.”

The astrologer had little clue that it was the Descent of Paramashiva he was reading although he read that the birth was on the very Mahadeva Ashtami – eighth day of the waning moon dedicated to Paramashiva Himself. Little did he know it was foretold thousands of years ago that Paramashiva would appear, once again on Planet Earth, revive, leading the enlightened civilization of KAILASA. Just as the Rajasanyasis guided and led the kingdoms of the great Vedic civilization, The Avatar, who first beheld the name A.A Rajashekaran, happened on the planet earth to guide all the living beings into the new age.

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