The Enlightenment Ecosystem of Tiruvannamalai

For Creating Superconscious Beings

 “KAILASA is nothing but the enlightenment ecosystem of Tiruvannamalai gone RIGHT!” – Revealed by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism on 8 August 2020

Tiruvannamalai, the Place Paramashiva’s Descent

The divine orchestration of the Advent of The Avatar into Tiruvannamalai happened after meticulous pre-planning and diligent execution of Paramashiva’s instructions for millions of beings to manifest on the Planet to carry out the purpose of His Happening. 

The jeeva nadi reading of The Avatar reveals that He sent 7 crore beings to Planet Earth before Him, 7 crore who came down with Him and 7 crore whom He called after His Descent. Totally, 21 crore souls are predetermined for the path which the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism is paving, and millions more are destined to become inclined just by the immense positive energy created by the greatest positive explosive nuclear force in the physical form of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. 

The birth town of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism was the perfect place for the descent of Superconsciousness into human form, not only for its history but its existing culture and ecosystem which is conducive for bringing down and awakening enlightened beings. Before His arrival on Planet Earth,  Paramashiva designed the ecosystem where He would live in five fold: 

1.) His biological family. 

2.) His acharyas, the numerous esteemed teachers with whom HDH explored many spiritual subjects at a young age. 

3.)  His gurus, the enlightened beings who were blessed to play the role in the divine life of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism as guru 

4.) The friends, siblings and relatives who were born around the same time as the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and were the very first circle of disciples to be blessed with the darshan of Paramashiva as a young Incarnation

5.) The whole town of Tiruvannamalai, from the person who holds the torch during grand processions of Arunachaleshwara through the town to the players of the Thirukailaya vadhyam


Throughout His divine childhood, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism interacted with these individual beings who made up each of these five layers in multifarious leelas which will be retold again and again for eternity as the grand next increment of the Purana (Hindu epic) of Paramashiva.

The first layer was the group who lived most intimately around The Avatar and related with Him simultaneously as their beloved Lord and their own son or brother.  

Several esteemed acharyas made up the second layer of the ecosystem in Tiruvannamalai, such as the well-known epitome of integrity, Sri Vidwan Panduranganathar with whom the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism explored Shaiva Siddhanta, Kanakammal for Vedanta, Mouna Swami Jadai Swami who nurtured Muruga bhakti – devotion to Lord Muruga, Sri Sadhu Om who was known for teaching the Science of Self-enquiry, Thinnai Swamigal who taught the experience of Universal boundaryless Consciousness, Thanjavur Swamigal – a great Vedic astrologer, and a host of preceding Pontiffs. 



Making up the third layer of the ecosystem, a set of blessed souls were sent down by Paramashiva prior to the year 1978 to play the role of the Guru in the divine life of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. Each guru was sent down to the Planet for a specific purpose, to master and train in the different sects of the ancient Hindu knowledge which the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism would revive and bring forth for the awakening of the whole humanity. These gurus included Mataji Vibhutananda Puri, Yogiraj Yogananda Puri, Isakki Swamigal, Annamalai Swamigal, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Narayanasami Pillai, Poondi Swamigal, and a plethora of others. Each guru was a spiritual giant in their own way, their lives being great epics of devotion, penance and spiritual experiences. 

The happening of hundreds of beings was foretold before their time as an instrumental part of the leela of the Avatar that was about to unfold. 

In the fourth layer of the ecosystem in Tiruvannamalai were the first circle of devoted friends who were enriched by the mere presence of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and continuously in awe of His divine exuberance and the knowledge He shared with them beyond His age. Today, many of these childhood friends have come forward and expressed many of the blessed interactions which they have had with the young Incarnation, including the  participants of the earliest recorded festival of Ganesha Chathurthi which was organized by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and the first ever deeksha received by one of His schoolmates after the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism experienced the profound spiritual breakthrough when He  began to see 360 degrees and feel complete Oneness with all things. For each of these experiences,  the children who made up the fourth layer were the blessed witnesses who were involved in the preliminary years of the life of The Avatar of Paramashiva unbeknownst to them. Despite not knowing His true identity, this fourth layer could understand He was no normal human being and couldn’t help but yearn to be in His presence and to be considered His friend.

Finally, every single person in Tiruvannamalai made up the last layer of the ecosystem as the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism became famous throughout the small town as the young Incarnation by His well-respected gurus. In addition, as He grew He was continuously attracting the adoring eyes of all the townspeople, who began to understand that the being whom they cherished so deeply with their hearts had truly manifested outside of them. For all the elderly women, He became their darling grandson and whom they saw as the incarnation of Muruga. For all the children and youth,  He was their trusted friend and unanimous leader in all their devotional creativity, as they organized miniature processions and festivals for their deities in accordance with the Big Temple of the town. For the middle-aged men who were around His father’s age, He became their reminder to covet and cherish the ancestral roots which they were slowly losing in the face of deeply infiltrated atheistic ideas. 

And to the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, each one of the townspeople were all whom He considered dearly devoted; who kept a place for Him in their hearts despite their fall into enslavement after years of invasion by foreign forces, and for whose simple integrity, He ultimately decided to manifest into the physical plane and liberate them.


KAILASA, the enlightenment ecosystem of Tiruvannamalai gone right!

 After 5000 years of genocide, brutal persecution and the physical and mental enslavement of an entire population of Hindus, the authentic ecosystem, which is surcharged with the people and heritage geared towards superconscious breakthrough, no longer exists as it once did. 

Reviving this ecosystem, with all of its tradition, history and people, is the purpose of the Advent of The Avatar, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, and ultimately the purpose of the Hindu nation of ShriKailasa. 

 In the words of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism “The enlightened civilization of KAILASA is nothing but the ecosystem of Tiruvannamalai gone right!”  

Gurus of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Yogananda Puri

Mataji Vibhutananda Puri

Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Isakki Swamigal

Isakki Swamigal

Acharyas of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Sri Vidwan Panduranganar

sri Sadhu om

Muthuswami siddhar of nadhu pazhani

Paramahamsa Shivananda

Biological Family of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Sri Nithya Arunachalananda, biological father of The SPH

Raju Mudaliar, maternal grandfather of the SPH

Kumaraswamy chettiar, great grandfather of The SPH

Isakki Swamigal

Ma Nithya Lokanayakananda swami, biological mother of the SPH

Eyewitnesses from The Divine Life of The Avatar 

Halasyanatha Gurukkal, retired shivacharya of Arunachaleshwara Temple

Subramanian, the temple flower garland maker

Sri Pichandi, renowned Nadaswaram player and personal barber of The Avatar in His childhood

Isakki Swamigal

Sampath, blessed childhood friend and classmate of The Avatar

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