Sundari Ammal Does the Aksharabhyasam Ritual with The Avatar

C.P Sundari was the head of the Ganesh Nursery School when Raju Mudaliar registered for the admittance of the young incarnation in 1981, a year before usual admissible age.  

Upon beginning His one year in the Ganesh Nursery School, it was C.P Sundari who was blessed to perform the traditional ritual of aksharabhyasam for The Avatar. In this ritual, C.P Sundari seated His Divine Holiness in her lap in front of a silver plate of rice. On the smoothened surface of the rice, His Divine Holiness allowed the headmistress of the school to hold His small hand and write out the letters, “Om Namah Shivaya” in Tamil. Thus, for Paramashiva Himself, who has explained in detail the energy, color and deity of each akshara in the sacred Text Kamika Agama, C.P Sundari became the blessed individual to have performed this sacred ritualistic initiation into the world of letter. 

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