Hamsananda puri

Birth: Unknown

Death: ~1995

Location of Samadhi: Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, Insia


Initiated into a superconscious mutation process for celibacy by a group of adepts including Hamsananda Puri and initiated into Sanyas and given the name Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Talia Ghat, Calcutta, West Bengal

 Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Kailasa Paramparagatha Kashi Sarvajnapeetham

Sri Hamsananda Puri was from Calcutta originally and was the predecessor of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism as the king and ruling authority of the Kashi Sarvajnapeetham. His life remains unknown for the most part other than what the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism has Himself revealed.

Hamsanandsa Puri had initiated both Mathaji Vibhutananda Puri and the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism into the life of sanyas, and given them kaashaya vastram in their monastic journey.


  1. In this talk from 30 January 2016, SPH reveals how Mathaji Vibhutananda Puri received kaavi (saffron robes worn by hindu monks) https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/January_30_2016

Serving Hamsananda Puri in 1999

After the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism volunteered in the Ramakrishna Mutt, serving Swami Ranganathanandaj, he left to Calcutta where for sometime he served in the Belur Mutt. He traversed the sacred Himalayan pilgrimage towns like Haridwar and Badrinath, even until Nepal and Tibet and then returned back to Calcutta in 1999.

At this time, SPH had begun serving Hamsananda Puri who used to stay in Tel Ghat in Calcutta. SPH would spend time reading Ramakrishna Punthi (Portrait if Sri Ramakrishna) to Hamsananda Puri in the original Bengali language, which He learned just to read Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s original words.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism narrates the days before he attained mahasamadhi and left the body, Hamsananda Puri suddenly initiated SPH with the name “Paramahamsa Nithyananda”. SPH then recalled this same name being told to him when He had the divine darshan of Mahavatar Babaji during His time in Gaurikund. He then realized Mahavatar Babaji had initiated with this name which now Hamsananda Puri was repeating to Him. With this, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism received sanyas cloth from Hamsananda Puri, and he was declared as the successor of the Kashi Sarvajnapeetham.



  1. On 5 and 6th September 2020, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism revealed this mutation process which was done on Him in aroud1989 and narrated the involvement of Hamsananda Puri, Naga Giri Baba and Tatwale Baba. https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/September_05_2020 https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/September_06_2020
  2. In the talk from 22 July 2017,titled, “Why do Hindus offer Milk and Ghee on Shiva Linga?” the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism reveals how He used to serve Hamsananda Puri and read to him the Ramakrishna Punthi. https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/July_22_2017

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