Kumaraswamy chettiar, great grandfather of the avatar

Birth: Unknown

Death: Unknown 

Biological Paternal Great Grandfather of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism who himself had taken sanyas and lived as a Paramahamsa four generations before the Advent of the Avatar

Three generations prior to the advent of The Avatar, Sri Kumaraswamy Chettiar, who would be the great grandfather of His Divine Holiness, lived a profoundly devoted lifestyle, worshipping the shiva-linga, as per the instructions of Shiva Himself. One day, he was overwhelmed by an intense vairagya, the most earnest intention – to renounce all worldly desires and attain liberation. He decided to forego all of his wealth. He took a bath in the temple water tank, shed all of his karmas, and emerged as a paramahamsa, an enlightened being. Kumarasamy Chettiar spent the rest of his life in Varanasi in North India – the spiritual capital city of India. He committed thenceforth only with Paramashiva, until the time came when he merged with Him in the ultimate and final state


  1. In the talk, “Siddha Tradition Day 4 Mystical or Psychic – Nithyananda Morning Satsang” from 16 November 2010 the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism narrates the example of His Great Grandfather Kumaraswamy Chettiar as an example of Maraana Vairagaya, the kind of intense desire to renounce all worldly desires.
    1. https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/November_26_2010

    2. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism describes His great grandfather when unveiling the archives of sovereign and coming upon a photograph of Kumaraswamy Chettiar wearing a turban, kandi and the thirumoolavarkavedham, the traditional attire of Hinduism.

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