The maternal grandfather of His Divine Holiness was Sri Raju Mudaliar from the small village of Pakkam on the road from Vizhupuram to Pondicherry in Tamilnadu, South India. Before the age of eighteen, Raju Mudaliar’s parents tragically passed away and he was left orphaned even before physical maturity. Without anyone to call his own, Raju Mudaliar walked to the town of Tiruvannamalai and adopted Lord Arunachaleshwara as his beloved father. For his simple integrity and devotion, Paramashiva accepted him as His family and blessed him by incarnating as his own grandson in January 1978. Raju Mudaliar began to work in the streets of Tiruvannamalai, first laboring as a delivery boy for the rice shop owners and moving the 100 kg rice bags, and then slowly becoming a learned and trusted assistant for them. Soon, Raju Mudaliar established his own rice shop and became well known and influential in the grain trade in and around Tiruvannamalai. He married Yellammal and their first child was Ma Lokanayaki, who would be the mother of The Avatar. 

Raju Mudaliar began working for Natukotti Chettiar, where He became an ardent and trustworthy disciple of Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal. Without missing even a day, while Ma Lokanayaki was carrying Paramashiva in her womb, her father, Raju Mudaliar would go to the Arunachaleshwara Temple for receiving the darshan of Paramashiva. It was in these intimate moments, in the dark chambers at the aperture of the garbha graha of Arunachaleshwara that Raju Mudaliar expressed his most secret desire for Arunachala Himself to be born as his daughter’s second son. Only then he would exit the temple with the prasada from Arunachaleshwara that he would immediately take home and offer to his daughter, Lokanayakiammal.

Upon the arrival of Ma Lokanayaki and the newborn baby, The Avatar himself, at his home in Kanni Kovil Street, Raju Mudaliar had the first opportunity to see His grandson. He was filled with overjoyous adoration, kissing the feet of His Divine Holiness first and cradling Him in his arms, filled with jnāna bhakti, the devotion which comes from the knowledge that the small baby in his arms at that moment was none other than the embodiment of Superconsciousness – Paramashiva Himself.

From the time The Avatar was in the most tender form as a small child, Raju Mudaliar was graced by being among the few who truly know His identity. Though the grandfather Raju Mudaliar and divine grandson, Rajashekaran, shared a name, the grandfather only saw Him as his own higher identity and thus, Raju Mudaliar called Him lovingly as “Swami” (or “Sami” as per the local dialect), just as the locals would endearingly and respectfully call their revered Guru. As it was sta,rted by the head of the family himself, the habit of calling His Divine Holiness “Swami” or “Sami” permeated throughout the whole family, from the very beginning of the life of His Divine Holiness.

Every morning in these initial days of the Avatar’s advent onto Planet Earth, Ma Lokanayaki would place the divine child in the puja space of her father and He awoke by the bell of His grandfather’s early morning puja routine. Raju Mudaliar would take his time and devotedly do his atmaartha puja and once finished, he would offer a few drops of the milk which was consecrated during his puja onto the rose-colored tongue of His Divine Holiness as His first consumption for the day.

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