Ravi ayya, one of organizers of the Chandi Vaisheshika Sapta Yagam, Recalls the Grand Ritual which The Avatar conducted

During the Chandi Visheka Sapta Yagam on 7 November 2000, His Divine Holiness initiated a group of 9 individuals into the tradition of Devi worship in preparation to perform the homa. He initiated them into the Chamundi Moola Mantra and instructed them to chant it 108 times a day for three days amongst observing other austerities. On the date predetermined for this Chandi Homa- the 7 of November 2000, as His Divine Holiness arrived at the entrance to the temple, The Dhivya Prabha, the divine light around Him was captured in a photograph. For 12 Hours (4 AM to 4PM), His Divine Holiness conducted the Chandi Homa that day. During the final purnahuti offering, Devi herself appeared and accepted the offerings of His Divine Holiness . After the homa was over, His Divine Holiness gifted each one an energized Sri Chakra and gave personal blessings to all . One of the 9 individuals was Ravi .. Ravi aya remembers how His Divine Holiness revealed where Devi Parashakti herself did tapas and guided Ravi and the other temple administrators to build a temple in this area for Parashakti.

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