Subramanian, Flower Garlander, Shares How He Witnessed The Avatar Train in Yoga

For generation upon generation, Subramanian’s family served Annamalayar, the presiding deity of the Arunachaleshwara Temple, as His personal flower garlander. Every morning the flower garlander would walk to the temple, carrying the basket of flowers on his shoulders and tie the yellow, white red chrysanthemums in the Krittika Mandapam in the fourth circumambulation, fulfilling his duty to the Lord Arunachaleshwara with perfect integrity. Like this, the family adorned Paramashiva for hundreds of years until their cumulative devotion and integrity was inherited by Subramanian who was blessed by Paramashiva to witness the young Avatar and recognize Him then itself as the Incarnation of Paramashiva Himself. It was the very same Krittika Mandapam where Subramanian had the darshan of Paramashiva training in yoga and climbing the pillars of the stone structure with such intensity and passion. In this video, Subramanian’s memories of The Avatar are captured for the whole world to understand and imbibe the intense Yogic Training that He underwent in order to initiate millions into the superconscious breakthrough as well as the impact that He made even at a young age on those who overlooked and witnessed His divine Leelas in action.

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