The Sovereign Archives

The Sovereign Archives are the sacred and divine artifacts from the life of His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, collected with great reverence in order to be preserved for thousands of years to come. The archives is a large collection of physical artifacts, photographs, and documents from His life, recording the divine interactions, miracles and many blessings that He bestowed. Each artifact tells us the story of The Avatar and inundates us by the lifetime of hard work, sincerity and dedication that He has demonstrated for His mission of bringing a Superconscious Breakthrough to humanity and reviving ShriKailasa.


This online portal is a gallery of the available archives with us currently. As there is a large collection already available, we are continuing to upload and display all the archives.

1992 | The Avatar in Arunai Nayaki Amman Temple After Doing Alanakar (sacred dressing) for Devi


1992 | This is Arunai Nayaki Amman.

This was a period during His lifetime, I would forget day and night doing deity decoration.

This is Arunai Nayaki Amman, a four-thousand year old female deity in Tiruvannamalai referred to in the Arunachala Purana (sacred text describing History of Arunachala). The Avatar’s Vedanta guru Mataji Kuppammal told Him this and explained that in this very place, the Cosmic Mother Devi herself appeared to kill the demon Mahishasura and she was ably assisted by this Arunai Nayaki Amma as her army general. My team would do decoration for her periodically.

It started off when she appeared in The Avatar’s dream during my 8th grade. The Avatar pursued what He saw and approached the temple priest to request to do decoration for her. Despite of being known for his ferociousness, he agreed immediately. My friend Sampath (in front) and his younger brother (behind) mainly did the decoration.

The priest was so happy with our decoration that he told us we could do the decoration for any festival we wanted.


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