Senthil Anna on how The Avatar would observe Skanda Shashti Vratham

In this video, Senthil, the Avatar’s biological elder brother, recalls in detail the procedure and austere practice of the Skanda Shashti Vratam. This is the diligent and intense spiritual practice which The Avatar took up even when He was a child. Senthil remembers the details of the practice, including at which time The Avatar would arise, get ready, chant the Skanda Kavacham and offer worship for Lord Muruga. Along with Him, His brothers and other family members would also practice the Skanda Shashti Vratam. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism recalls today how he was initiated into the Skanda Shashti Vratam by Mataji Vibhutananda Puri and how at the end of these six days He had the divine Darshan of Lord Subhramanya who revealed to Him the Science of Alchemy which he has today revived for the benefit and superconscious breakthrough of humanity

In the same video Senthil, the biological elder brother of The Avatar, shares the spiritual practice and celebrations of The Avatar during the Hindu festival of Deepavali, when the Supreme feminine and ferocious energy of Kali is accessible to the whole world. Senthil Ayya reveals the details of The Avatar’s personal ritualistic practices where He maintained the utmost sincerity and authenticity to the scriptural authorities. The ocassion of Deepavali holds significance in the life of The Avatar as the day in the year 2000 when He had the revelation of the first blessing “Be Blissful!”.

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