Shivabhushanam Shares Her Relationship with The Avatar, her Divine nephew

Shivabushanam is the paternal aunt of The Avatar, who, in this video, declares that she considers herself blessed to be born in the family which Annamalayar (Paramashiva) Himself chose as His family. She was extremely loving and devoted to The Avatar even as He was young and offered puja and worshiped Him as the Incarnation of the Muruga. She was the wife of Sri Kumaraswami who had been one of the Acharyas of SPH in imbibing the teaching of the Science of Siddha Vidya. Shivanubushanam was a member of the 1st layer of the enlightenment ecosystem which was made of His biological family members, who together had demonstrated the supreme devotion toward Annamalayar.

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