Venkatesan Shares His Memories about The Avatar's Childhood

Venkatesan is the owner of a print press in Tiruvannamalai who recalls his own blessed interaction with The Avatar for printing all the pictures of deities which He would worship. In this video, Sri Venkatesan Ayya attests that the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism would seek out his shop for printing out the pictures of his deities. He recalls how he knew The Avatar’s full family and had collaborated with Sri Raju Mudaliar, the grandfather of The Avatar in business ventures. Venkatesan also lovingly recalls how he even taught The Avatar how to operate a print press and use it to print what He wanted. In the hundreds who have seen The Avatar as a child, Venkatesan stands out with his own testimony of interacting with The Avatar by doing this personal service for Paramashiva Himself while He is in the human form.

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