Sorakka Swami

Sorakkai Swami was an enlightened being who lived in Tiruvannamalai, as a part of the enlightenment eco-system which surrounded the young Avatar as the supreme consciousness was settling down and preparing for the grand revival of KAILASA. In the discourses, sessions and public addresses of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, He has narrated about the memorable, enlightened qualities of Sorakkai Swami which all Kailashians can learn from directly to apply in their lives.

Radiating the Powers of Yogic Tradition

The importance of these enlightened beings is the power of superconsciousness they radiated despite the lack of food, water, living space, even without what most people would consider basic necessities in their life. Sorakkai Swami is the example of radiating enlightenment even though he never moved from a 3 ft by 3 ft structure for more than ten years. Though many people would misconstrue the sadhu lifestyle as a lifestyle of a beggar these sadhus exemplified living with real richness, which is the state of enlightenment that they were established in.


  1. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism explained the life of Sorakkai Swami in the talk “Oneness Gives Extraordinary Powers “from 28 March 2015, where He also speaks on all of the enlightened beings who lived in Tiruvannamalai and radiated the strong space of Oneness with Paramashiva.

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