The Sovereign Archives

The Sovereign Archives are the sacred and divine artifacts from the life of His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, collected with great reverence in order to be preserved for thousands of years to come. The archives is a large collection of physical artifacts, photographs, and documents from His life, recording the divine interactions, miracles and many blessings that He bestowed. Each artifact tells us the story of The Avatar and inundates us by the lifetime of hard work, sincerity and dedication that He has demonstrated for His mission of bringing a Superconscious Breakthrough to humanity and reviving ShriKailasa.


This online portal is a gallery of the available archives with us currently. As there is a large collection already available, we are continuing to upload and display all the archives.

1989 | Decorative Items for the Alankar (sacred dressing) of The Avatar’s Deities

1989 | Small Purple Garland made by The Avatar

1989 | This is one of the decorative items that The young Avatar’s team made for decorating His small deities and taking them out in procession. From day one, The Avatar could inspire anyone to the path of conscious growth through the tools of Sanatana Hindu Dharma such as ritualistic worship, listening to religious and spiritual discourses and so on.

He and His team would make indigenous items out of whatever they could find around where they lived and use it in their ritualistic worship.

To make this item, they bought thread from the shop, crushed paper into small balls to keep inside for the bead like formation of the thread and later removed the paper balls and got this as the end product, which they used for decorating their small deities and the procession palki that carried their deites.

1989 | Stitched Turmeric Color Skirt

1989 | This is a deity’s robe (skirt with gathers) that The young Avatar got stitched for the small female deities that He had in his own puja (worship) altar at age 11. There was a tailor named Alex whose shop was in the ground floor of their home complex in Tiruvoodal street, Tiruvannamalai. Alex would oblige The young Avatar and His team with such service.

The young Avatar and His team spent several hours on deity decoration. Their only entertainment was immersing themselves in different forms of deity-worship, visiting temples, listening to spiritual discourses and so on.

The Avatar’s mother who was clueless about who He really was, guided by her powerful innocence and integrity, kept these items safely and handed them over to the organisation when asked 11 years later!

The Avatar at age 2 with His parents Lokayanaki ammal and Arunachalam. Photograph taken atop the maternal grandfather – Raju Mudaliar’s house in Kanni Kovil street in Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar’s birthplace.

1989 | Purple Cloth Used for Deity's Dressing

1989 | This is one of the robes The young Avatār used for decorating His tiny deities. The pleats that He made on this remain intact till date!

1989 | Necklace made with Conch for Deities

1989 | This mala (necklace) is made of small conch shells. The young Avatār and His team used it as decorative ornaments for their small deities.

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