The Sovereign Archives

The Sovereign Archives are the sacred and divine artifacts from the life of His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, collected with great reverence in order to be preserved for thousands of years to come. The archives is a large collection of physical artifacts, photographs, and documents from His life, recording the divine interactions, miracles and many blessings that He bestowed. Each artifact tells us the story of The Avatar and inundates us by the lifetime of hard work, sincerity and dedication that He has demonstrated for His mission of bringing a Superconscious Breakthrough to humanity and reviving ShriKailasa.


This online portal is a gallery of the available archives with us currently. As there is a large collection already available, we are continuing to upload and display all the archives.

1989 | Vellerukku Ganesha, Deity of Ganesha made with a traditional root


1989 | This tiny Ganesha deity, The Avatar and His team of boys made out of the thick roots of the sacred herb called ‘vellerukku’ (in Tamil). This herb is mentioned in the ancient sacred Hindu texts as one with special powers. It is considered especially auspicious to make the ‘Vellerukku Ganesha’ – the Ganesha deity out of this herb’s root. Therefore The Avatar and His friends made this Ganesha deity thus when He was around 11 years of age.

They used the sculpting tools given to them by the artisans in the Arunai Nayaki Amman temple who saw the deities sculpted by the young boys and became inspired to give them their used tools. The team changed the colour of the Ganesha deity to red by applying kumkum (vermillion) to it.

This Ganesha deity is part of the archival collection of items touched and used by The Avatar from childhood.


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