Arunagiri Yogishwara

Arunagiri Yogishwara is the most perfect manifestation of Paramashiva, whose Advent on the Planet Earth was an answer to the prayers of the millions of dearly devoted people who pray to Him and seek solace in their undying faith toward Him in their darkest hours.

Birth: Unborn

Death: Deathless 

Location of Samadhi: Inside the Arunachaleshwara Temple, located near the Thirumanjana Gopuram


SPH was initiated into the experiences of Advaita Anubhuti as well as all other greater sciences of Hinduism by Arunagiri Yogishwara.

Arunagiri Yogishwara Mandapam, Arunachaleshwara Temple

Raghupati Yogi

Kailasa Paramparagatha Adi Arunachala Sarvajnapeetha Samrajyam


With the deepest most sincere gratitude for His Supreme Manifestation as the Parama-guru of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, we offer our humble pranam and surrender at His feet with the following dhyana shloka of Arunagiri Yogishwara:

lalāṭe tripuṇḍrī niṭilakṛta kasturī tilakaḥ sphuran mālādhāraḥ sphurita kaṭi kaupīna vasanaḥ | dadhāno dustāraṃ śirasi phaṇirājam śaśikalām pradīpaḥ sarveṣām aruṇagiri yogī vijayate ||

Translation: “The One who has the tripundri – the three lines of sacred ash – on His forehead, the mark of sacred musk applied on His forehead, who is the wearer of a glittering garland, who wears a loincloth on His radiantly glowing waist, who holds the unconquerable king cobra and crescent moon on His crown: victory unto Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara, the Illuminator of all beings.” ARUNĀCALA PURĀṆAM (Verse 1) Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara Vandanam

In this salutation, we offer our respects and gratitude to Arunagiri Yogishwara, the Embodiment of Paramashiva who is available until today to His intimate devotees in the gracious form of Arunācaleśvara, the presiding deity of the Arunācaleśvara Temple of Tiruvannamalai. With this salutation, we remember and thus invoke Arunagiri Yogishwara’s presence as we recall the great Līlā of His happening in the Avatāra Līlā (life of The Avatār).

Thus begins the entire Arunachala Puranam, the great epic of the Happening of sacred Hill of Arunachala which is the embodiment of Paramashiva Himself, and His subsequent manifestations, as well as the compilation of the descriptions and benefits of the worship of the Lord Arunadri (Lord Arunachala).

Paramashiva’s Three-Fold Manifestation

Paramashiva manifested first as the tejaḥ stambhaṃ, the infinite shaft of effulgent light, to liberate Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu and subsequently manifested in the form of the sacred Hill – Arunachala, to liberate the whole humanity itself. Even as He was present in the Hill-form, those who were dearly devoted to Him sweetly lamented “Other than the rain from the sky, who will perform abhishekam, the sacred bath, for you? Other than the stars, who can offer pearl garland for you? Other than the rays of the sun, who can offer deepa, the lit lamp, for you?”,

Shastra Pramana (scriptural reference) from the sacred Text ‘Arunachala Mahatmyam’

Adutharunagiriyaanae punakku Vinni ralathupoo… Laatuvaaraarar Thodutha vuduthiralalathu thiru mudikku manimaalai sootuvaaraarar Kaduthi suzhimidatraanae suthirkalandrimanitheebang kaatuvaarar Yeduthirainji poosaiseiya vithankeezhori lingavadivedupaayen

Yii-yel Sri Arunaachaleesherae malaiyaakiya umakku aakaayaththil Nindru peikindra mazhaiyaeyelaamal jalamkonduvanthu abhishekan seikiravarkalaal nakshethira kootankalae Muthumaalaiyarivathallathu vaerae muthumaalai sootukiravarhalaar Soorya giranamae Deepamaavathalaamal deepam konduvanthu vaerae kaatukiravargalaal Aanapatiyinaalae naangal abhisheka muthalaanavaigal seithu poosai Seivatharkkuisaintha malaiyinkzhl oru linga vadivamaai yeluzhuntharula vendumendru kaetukkkondaarkal- yae- ru.

Hearing their pleas, for the sake of His devotees, Paramashiva immediately appeared in the form of a linga at the base of the Hill. In this form only, His devotees worshipped Paramashiva, sang His glory and around Him built incomparable towers and intricately carved walls that would stand tall as the glorious Arunachaleshwara Temple today, and even centuries into the future.

Shastra Pramana (scriptural reference) from the sacred Text ‘Arunachala Mahatmyam’

Annathuvaa yirukkuthuneer kaami bakthi larukipumen rasalam Pukkar, jnanilamu pugazhavangaur shivanuruva mulaithathu kandi iranje yethi, manniya poo mazhai pozhinthu paravasamaai magizhinthaadi mayanaikkuvith, thannikaril kolaramu mandapamu manimathilunj samaipiththaargal.

Yi-yil. Appadiyae yilingamaakiroom bakthiyudan poosiyunkalendrantha malaiyilullae maraivukolamseithaar yentha desamum pugazhumpadi avvidathil oruilingaa thondritru athai kanduvanagi thothiranseithu putpavarusham pozhinthu, paravasamaai santhoosham adainthu aanathakoothaadi mayanenkira devadakshinai koopitu opillaatha gopurangalum mandapankalum azhakulla mathilunj seivithaargal- yae-ru.


Therefore, the kshetra of Tiruvannamalai is the very place on Earth which Paramashiva declared as his home thousands of years ago in the three Divine forms – the sacred Hill Arunachala, the linga Arunachaleshwara and in the form of the Incarnation of Paramashiva who lands time and again in the human body. In a fourth form, which was not declared by Paramashiva and yet still seamlessly manifested, He lives as śivah sarva guhā śayah, – as Shiva, the one who resides in the hearts of all. This is true especially among the townspeople of Tiruvannamalai for whom Arunachala is antaryāmi, their most Supreme Lord and their most intimate partner, making it possible for Paramashiva to appear again and again as one among them.

Adhering to His most compassionate boon for humanity, Paramashiva Himself comes down to Planet Earth and guides Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma in creating the enlightened civilization of Tiruvannamalai.

For thousands of years until now and continuing to do so, this place serves not just as a beacon for the human beings who seek the most supreme truth but as the cosmic beacon of light which allows for otherworldly beings to descend and ascend the 14 planes of existence and ultimately unite with Paramashiva Himself in the primordial form.

The embodiment of Paramashiva, in the form of Arunagiri Yogishwara, never ceased to exist even until today as He resides within the sacred Arunachala Hill itself, with all the many crores of beings who have attained the state of Maha Kailasa and sought to spend the rest of eternity living with him.

In the Life of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism In around 1988, when the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism was the age of ten years old, Arunagiri Yogishwara gave Darshan to the young Incarnation and manifested the sweetest, most desirable guru-disciple relationship for a nine month period. Upon the climax of this most sublime leela in the divine life of The Avatar, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism experienced the complete Oneness with His guru, known as the Advaita Anubhuti experience, and permanently became established in the space of Unclutching.

Therefore, millions of Kailashians across the world, who revere The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism as their own Guru and as the incarnation of Arunagiri Yogishwara Himself, are initiated into the same space of Unclutching through this leela of the divine guru-disciple relationship

Yogananda Puri and several other enlightened beings of Tiruvannamalai made up the eco-system surrounding The Avatar and with the same love and dedication that He followed their words with the utmost integrity, they worked tirelessly to build His future. In this way, the divine childhood of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism is the living example of the truths and power cognitions of the Guru Tattva, one of the core principles of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

The Leela of the Guru and Disciple

Through this grand and divine enactment, where Paramashiva Himself plays the role of Guru and He Himself plays the role as the disciple, the ultimate principle of the Guru Tattva is alive and vibrant enough to initiate any conscious being into living that very principle. To exactly describe the multiple-dimensional play of the Supreme consciousness in this leela: it is a living scripture.

In the journey of a seeker toward the ultimate experience of Enlightenment, the need of a Guru is absolutely crucial. Not only does this divine leela emphasize the need for Guru in the journey toward Enlightenment, it elaborates on the most ideal interaction between Guru and Disciple. Such an understanding and initiation is only possible by Paramashiva, the ultimate Divinity. Thus, He decided that through the divine leela of The Avatar, He would gift the world with this beautiful experience, which millions of souls are waiting and yearning to experience after lifetimes of deep and intense seeking for the answer to their prayers.



  1. This interaction and involvement of Raghupati Yogi was revealed by HDH on 29 September 2020, where narrated how exactly Kanchi Paramacharya and 230th Gurumahasannidhanam had blessed and given the danda to him on the day of the first Chaturmasya which was 17 July 1981.

The Unclutching Initiation

The direct initiation of Advaita Anubhuti (the Intense Experience of Oneness) is experienced when the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism narrates the Happening of the divine leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara manifesting in His own life. This is what is known as The Unclutching Initiation.

As this most divine happening is retold by the Source of Existence itself, The Avatar’s words pierce the unconscious space of the individuals around Him and slowly awaken them from the slumber which they have been in for lifetimes. As the great scriptures, Guru Gita, begins, Paramashiva Himself describes the nature of the glory of the Guru as that which cures the bhavaroga, the disease of being caught in the cycle of birth and death.


सूत उवाच । श्रुणुध्वं मुनयः सर्वे श्रद्धया परया मुदा । वदामि भवरोगघ्नीं गीतां मातृस्वरूपिणीम् ॥ ७॥

|| sūta uvācaḥ || srṇudhvaṁ munayaḥ sarve śraddhayā paryāmudā | vadāmi bhavrogaghnīṁ gitāṁ mātrasvarūpiṇīm || 7 ||

7. Sūta said: O all you Munis (Sages), listen with deep authenticity and joy. I shall now narrate to you the Gītā, which is capable of destroying bhavaroga—the disease of material existence, the repeated birth and death and which is mātrasvarūpiṇi—the very form of Mother onto you all.


The word bhavaroga should be understood deeply. This is not an ordinary roga, or disease. Bhava Roga can broadly be explained as the transmigratory existence. Again and again being born, pass through all the joys and sorrows and pass out to be born again to go round the same circle. It is samsara chakra or the wheel of the transitory world. The Jiva or the individual soul when tired of this samasara Chakra wants redemption from it, looks desperately for the means to get out of the repeated births and deaths. This search, a hunger, leads the jiva to the right path towards the freedom of the soul. Thus, Paramashiva gifts these souls with great knowledge which will heal them from this disease.

Paramashiva Himself uses the word here “matrasvarupini”, giving a feminine and motherly mood and tone to the whole guru tattva which Paramashiva is about to reveal. His Divine Holiness Himself reveals about His own divine life, the same underlying motherly tone which Paramashiva establishes in this verse. He says,”I tell you, I find most easiest, most powerful, most inspiring, most exciting way to connect with life as the form of Mother. It’s mother worship, I myself chose, after being exposed to so many spiritual masters, experiences, and philosophies. Even though I had darshans of different gods, goddesses. Mahadeva himself in the form of Arunagiri Yogeshwara but everything was in the, with the undercurrent of mother. Even Arunagiri Yogeshwara, he was so much Mother for me than guru. Even Ragupati Yogi, a old yogi, so much motherliness I experience with him than his Gurugiri, than him being a guru.”

The Unclutching Initiation, and the divine leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara’s Darshan in the life of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, as the essence of the whole of Guru Gita itself has the very same power if it just imbibed once. That is the true significance of the life of The Avatar, as it is the grand happening of a principle in the human form.

Watch this divine Initiation now here: 24 th July 2014 Unclutching® Initiation – Story of Arunagiri Yogishwara

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism had expanded further on Arunagiri Yogishwara in the following talks:


  1. During the Mahashivaratri Message of 2016, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism initiated thousands into the powerful cognition “You are Your Intention” which Arunagiri Yogishwara had initiated Him when He had the darshan of Arunagiri Yogishwara at the age of 10.
  2. On Oct 27th 2014 in the initiation discourse “Be in Completion with Advaita”, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism introduces Advaita and how He Himself was introduced to Oneness, as an experience by Arunagiri https.
  3. On Oct 1st 2016 the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism initiated hundreds who were attending the Nithyananda Yogam Program, into the sweetest and Enlightening experience of the guru-disciple relationship which He had with Arunagiri Yogishwara.
  4. In this initiation, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism narrates an interaction with Arunagiri Yogishwara when He taught The Avatar to respect Shraddha. In this, He teaches that Thyaga, the blissful sacrifice, is the catalyst for realizing the conscious truths.
  5. On 9 November 2013, during an initiation on Global Peace, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism explains how his relationship with Arunagiri Yogishwara comes from a deep love.
  6. For the Shivaratri message on 2017, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism initiated one and all into the guru-disciple relationship which started on Shivaratri day in 1988.
  7. 9th July 2017 during the Guru Poornima 2017 Message the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism described the beautiful relationship which He had with Arunagiri Yogishwara
    In this sacred initiation, the Supreme Pontiff for Hinduism narrates the powerful cognition of “Sami Onnuda” , where The Avatar had a intimate and powerful initiation from Arunagiri Yogishwara

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