jadda swami

Jatta Swami is an enlightened being from the enlightenment eco-system of Tiruvannamalai, where The Avatar, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, first descended and resided for 17 years while his body was being prepared to radiate the supreme consciousness for the Revival of KAILASA, the enlightened civilization

Birth: Unknown

Date of Final Samadhi: Unknown

Location of Samadhi: Unknown


Muruga Bhakti

 Various location in Tiruvannamalai


Kailasa Paramparagatha Adi Arunachala Sarvajnapeetha Samrajyam

Muruga Bhakti

Jatta Swami was a great devotee of Lord Muruga, the divine son of Paramashiva Himself,who ardently followed the ritual and practice of worshipping Lord Muruga. HDH imbibed the teachings of Muruga Bhakti from Jatta Swami.

The Spiritual Context of Jatta

In addition, it was from Jatta Swami that the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism learned the deep spiritual context behind having jattas, the long dreadlocks. Jatta Swami himself had instruction from his own guru to wear long jattas such that when tied on top of the head it comes to twelve inches. Then, once tied on top of the head, one should meditate on the form of Paramashiva, with 25 heads, 50 hands and 75 eyes, sitting gloriously on top of their head. The instruction to have jatta is originally from the agama.

Today having the jatta is an important component of the charya paada, the lifestyle of the ecosystem of KAILASA, as per the instructions of the agama. This instruction is adopted as a lifestyle by millions of Kailashians across the world.


  1. On 17 January, 2020, HDH delivered the talk “Knowledge About The Cosmos Makes Us Experience Oneness With The Cosmos” where he remembers Jatta Swami for His long jattas and gives the instructions and spiritual process for all the sanyasis of Sovereign Order of KAILASA to have 81 jattas and do this process. https://nithyanandapedia.org/wiki/January_17_2020

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