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His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam, as per Hinduism, is an Incarnation (Avatar) of Paramashiva – the all-pervading superconscious energy, the source of all that exists and the original author of ‘VedaAgamas’, which are the Pure Science and Applied Science of Oneness (Advaita), Yoga, Enlightenment and Enlightened lifestyle. As the Vision documents for humanity, the VedaAgamas scientifically and systematically reveal all knowledge currents, ritual methodologies,  lifestyle systems and Yogic sciences.

Hinduism or Sanatana Hindu Dharma, at its core, is the pure and irrefutable Cosmic Science of Superconscious living, as revealed in the VedaAgamas.

The mission of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam is:

– To revive and re-establish the VedaAgamas as a living Applied Science, causing the Superconscious breakthrough that humanity is long waiting for in its evolutionary path.

– To pioneer a divine evolution, awakening humanity to their extraordinary powers (shaktis) and powerful cognitions (from higher states of Consciousness), building the next level frequency of human body, mind, internal organs and intra organs (such as Third Eye).

– To empower humanity to manifest Superconscious powers at individual, societal and global levels.

– To re-create a Conscious world where the global issues at the climatic, economic, social, health and humanitarian levels, cease to exist from their very root; turning the problems of poverty, hunger, violence, discrimination into powerful living through the experience of Oneness.

HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam is the youngest elected Mahamandaleshwar (spiritual head) of Mahanirvani Peetha, the world’s most ancient apex body of Hinduism. As an Incarnation, He wields Cosmic Intelligence in His global responsibilities as a spiritual leader, inner and outer world scientist, reviver of the superconscious civilization, and above all, a Visionary for humanity. In just 16 years of public life, He has showered His contributions on humanity in the areas of science, technology, meditation, healing, health and wellness, yoga, medicine, education & lifestyle.

More than 20 million people in 347 cities in 196 countries over 6 continents revere and follow His Divine Holiness. He is the author of 300 books, which are translated and published as 500 titles in various international languages. His Sangha has a strong presence worldwide through numerous Temples, Adheenams (Temple-monastery complexes), Gurukuls (Vedic schools), universities and goshalas (cow shelters) established by Him. His live Satsangs (spiritual discourses) are viewed every by people around the world.


September 30, 2017 – Guinness World Records® awarded for the largest Kundalini Raju (rope Yoga) lesson: The world’s largest class ever conducted in Kundalini Raju Yoga.

October 3, 2017 – Guinness World Records® awarded for Shivasthambha (malakhamba, pole Yoga) lesson: In an extraordinary display of Yogic strength and powers, 263 initiated male and female disciples, from 44 countries, ages of 16 to 74, successfully completed the malakhamba class.

December 16, 2017 – Guinness World Records® awarded for the largest human Aum Symbol: One thousand people stood in the formation of the sacred syllable – AUM.

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