Leela of Sanyas






One day, The Avatār’s words and His physical presence will be only remembered in books and other recording media. Though He will be recalled as the most recorded incarnation in history, with millions of books and videos, His life will be His greatest teaching. The Avatār has delivered and continues to deliver what He came for to Planet Earth, not just because He has said it but because He has lived it. 

Sanyās is the lifestyle which The Avatār lived with such perfect integrity and authenticity. Throughout the Hindu History, it was this lifestyle and the people who lived it who saved Hinduism from disappearing from Planet Earth. 

In the modern day, The Avatār, paved this unique pathway for millions of His disciples to follow and ultimately reach the superior experience, the Oneness with Paramaśiva Himself. In times such as these, when Kaliyuga is at its peak atrocity, this new pathway is a challenge but it is needed for humanity to attain the next level of conscious functioning. Sanyās is the bridge that The Avatār is re-building, that will help millions cross this age’s abysmal depression to the light on the other side.

Sanyās – the space of Paramaśivatva

At around 4 years of age. I am near Yogi Yogananda Puri’s house                  

In this photograph here, one can see The young Avatār cognizing Sanyās in His very depth at such a tender age

When I was six, Yogananda Puri asked Me, “Do you want to become a Sanyāsi or a grihastha?”

I just stood up proudly and said, “Sanyāsi!” 

Yogananda Puri asks me, “Sanyāsi or Grihastha?”

My grandmother’s death makes me a Sanyāsi mentally            

1993 | This was taken during a vacation back at Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar’s birthplace.

This is a solo photo of The Avatar taken on the way to Skandashram, on the Arunachala hill with His two brothers Senthil, Gopi and cousin Ganesh.

The Avatar often sat down in meditation by this waterfall. He used to spend endless hours on the sacred Arunachala hill. 

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