The Leela of Yoga






Though incredibly vast, the lines of logic between planets millions of light years away and us do exist. When we are able to grasp that logic, we are able to play with the dimensions of the universe. The ancient rishis and sages, in the history of Hinduism, have indeed mastered this, and delivered it to the world as a practice to maintain the alignment between the universe and us. 

That is how yoga came to be. It is aligning our body, our mind and our consciousness to the grandiosity of this universe that we live in, in Oneness. And when it happens, it radiates as spiritual powers from us. 

The overwhelming loss of any science is what draws Paramaśiva or the Divine into a human form, in the form of an Avatār. And when it happens, the grand Līlā unfolds long before The Avatār descends into the human form. 

For the revival of the science, by delivering it once again to the universe, a few chosen guides are sent ahead of The Avatār, whose DNAs are blessed with the knowledge of the science, and are chosen to relate with Paramaśiva Himself as His teacher. From them, He gathers that very DNA and engineers it into His own bio-memory, Himself becoming the perfect combination of physical and metaphysical flexibility and strength to deliver it to the world.    

His mission, therefore, is intricately planned even before the beginning, with the help of millions of people. They are extensions of Him with a designated role in the grand Līlā. Sent before and after His arrival, they scatter all over the world to contribute to the Grand Revival. With many of them yet to awaken to the grand narrative of the universe, they are perhaps even one amongst us

Ganesha Nursery School
CP Sundari Recalls The Avatar in School 

Of the same caliber as great yogis like Kinaram Baba and Trailinga Swami, Yogirāj Yogānanda Puri was a seventh or eighth generation powerful yogi of the Nātā Sampradāya – a lineage of yogis that traces its source to Paramaśiva Himself, where Sādhus master the science of manifesting powers or Śaktis, expressing them in their most raw and powerful form. 


Yogirāj Yogānanda Puri – My yoga Guru 


He radiated extraordinary Śaktis!


He was just a body of miracles! He would sip cold water through his nose and spit out boiling hot water! 

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam



premavati and bhoopati
wife and son of yogananda puri share their memories of
The Avatar

Bhoopati: I have asked him (Yogananda Puri), “Why do you give only Him special things? The others are also doing (yoga), right?” “He would reply, ‘You don’t know about Him now. He is a great Mahān (great being). You should know that by seeing the boy’s involvement. I won’t tell anything by myself; you will understand later. He will become a great person.’”

Ragupathi Yogi arranged for My first public discourse on Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtras when I was 11, in Tiruvannamalai. He had a public function and put Me on stage. He himself did pādapūjā (pūjā to the feet) and fell at My feet saying: As per tradition, in all the Advaita mutts, including the Sringeri mutt, the Guru does pādapūjā and ārati (offering of lit camphor) for all the others to follow the one initiated as Peetadhipati, to respect him. I also kept quiet. But the devotion with which he did, I was not able to tolerate.

Ragupathi Yogi arranges for My first public discourse (~1984-88)

He prepared Me to hold the energy of enlightenment

I was learning from Yogananda Puri from the age of three till the age of thirteen. At least four to five hours a day, he would make Me do all kinds of asanas, and clean the body through Neṭī and Dhautī – the traditional cleaning methods of the nostril passage and the intestine. Till the age of thirteen, he prepared My body and mind to enter into the experience of enlightenment, and to stay in the experience of enlightenment.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam


Subramanian shares 
temple garland maker for Arunachaleshwara Temple

Subramani tied flower garlands at the Krittika mandapam for the temple deities in the Arunācaleśvara temple. It was during his 30 years of service, that The Avatār decided to walk into Krittika mandapam for yoga lessons with Ragupathi Yogi. Subramanian describes the intensity of the yoga lessons and frequency of the relationship between Yogi and the young Avatār in the most simple yet powerful words ever.


Around 1987
The only known photograph of The Young Avatar and Yogananda Puri together

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