Leela of Spiritual wandering






Mahavtar Babaji Darśan in Kedarnath (~ 1997)

Shiva himself takes care of me in haridwar

Moving the Himalayan Mountains in Badrinath 

with 300 year old tibetan monks

I once went to a place in Tibet, where the Lamas live. I was told people there live long. I saw an elderly man working in the fields. I asked him, “Do people here live long? Please tell Me about it.” He laughed and said, “You think I am old? I am just middle aged, I’m only 136. Ask others who are 200 or more.” There were medical records to show he really was 136. And he was working in the farm! I couldn’t believe it just like you all. Then they showed Me a report by researchers from Wisconsin University, who worked with them to study their body to understand how they live longer.

Death experience in varanasi

The Avatār had a conscious and powerful death experience in Manikarnika Ghat on the banks of the flowing Ganges.
So often on the subject of death and before He leads people on to powerful death meditations, The Avatār recounts this story about the encounter between King Yayati and Lord Yama, the Lord of Death, that teaches how to avoid the incompletions with death in each of our lives; how ‘intensity while living’ is the key to achieving this.

Culmination of my tapas in omkareshwar 

The First great pause 

After enlightenment, there is no desire. I have no strong desire. There is no strong will. Body has completely melted. Because there is no strong desire, body has become liquid. Body has become completely like butter covered with butter. 

This was the moment of The Avatār discovering His own healing energy! Self-healing to healing others was a small step for Him. And the next step was initiating others into becoming healers. Today, as His own extension, thousands of initiated healers heal in various parts of the world. 

First healing experience

the first blessing “Anandamaaga Irungal” or “Be Blissful!”

The Avatar in 2004, on a spiritual pilgrimage to Haridwar. These pictures are used as a representation of His wandering period as they resemble the wandering time the most.

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