SathyaSankalpa for Reviving ShriKailasa






2000 November | First Chandi Homa Conducted by The Avatar in the Rajarajeshwari Kovil

As The Avatar offers oblations during the Chandi Homa, the form of Devi Parashakti,  the Divine Feminine Consciousness, appears in the fire. You can see the sacred trishul (trident) of the most ferocious form of Devi. 

The Avatar giving the “bhava darshan” of Devi, where the Divine Feminine Consciousness, expresses through His body and devotees are able to connect to Devi Parashakti through The Avatar.

2001 January 9, 10, 11 | Chandi Homa conducted by the avatar in kavunthapadi

2001 |  the avatar speaks on the need of a hindu nation at a hindu leader conference  

2001 | Homa and Puja for Sangagiri Amman           

 The Avatar conducts the puja and homa for the presiding Devi Parashakti deity of the Sangagiri Amman Temple. 

2001 | srividya homa and puja conducted by The avatar       

The Avatar conducts the Sri Vidya Homa and Puja in a devotees home. 

The Avatar during the inaugural procession of Kailasa in Thiruchengode 


2001 | Public function declaring the Upcoming kailasa in thiruchengode


1993 | This was taken during a vacation back at Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar’s birthplace.

This is a solo photo of The Avatar taken on the way to Skandashram, on the Arunachala hill with His two brothers Senthil, Gopi and cousin Ganesh.

The Avatar often sat down in meditation by this waterfall. He used to spend endless hours on the sacred Arunachala hill. 

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