The Leela of Disciplehood






During the period 1986-1987, a number of other enlightened beings, mystics and siddhas were blessed to play their unique roles in the young Avatār’s Līlā of disciplehood, both teaching and learning from their incredible student, mentoring and guiding Him with loving reverence, thus being immortalized in Paramaśiva’s own eternally living purana, the deathless epic of His incarnations.  

He was a blessing to all whose paths met His, even before what He calls His enlightenment experience at the age of twelve. All of them were very clear that He was The Avatār, and even though He was a child, He was a divine entity, a guru. They were grateful to be in His presence as long as they could.

The beautiful Līlā that Paramaśiva played with these special beings was the same Guru-disciple Līlā, but they were the ones who played the Guru! Like Paramaśiva himself learned from his first disciples – his consort Devi and son Subrahmanya – The Avatār learned from these blessed beings. 

In the end, for these beings who had been striving long and hard for the ultimate experience, the Avatār happened in their life as the bringer of immense fulfillment and culmination 

The Joy of Being a Disciple

The last bliss, the ultimate bliss, the final bliss you experience is that space of being a disciple! Enjoy it now itself! Don’t miss it. You may lose it after enlightenment. And I tell you: You will really, really miss it – even after enlightenment! It is a joy to be sitting and just melting; listening to some words and missing some words, heart melting, eyes pouring, muscles melting like ice cream, the throat choking, hair standing on the end, body losing its feeling of being possessed by ego. Just sitting simply and listening; the readiness to listen… it is not a joke. Among billions of people on the planet Earth, blessed are those who have the readiness to listen in their heart. 

I am not even saying that you should listen to Me and all that. I am not even saying, be My disciple. I am just saying: being a disciple, being a receiver, is a joy. Even if you are the disciple of an ordinary stone or a tree, it is okay. 

The joy of receptivity, receiving – when it is experienced in your bio memory, the body loses the feeling of being possessed. See, all the time you feel your body is being possessed by ego. When your ego possesses your body, your whole body will be stressed, heavy. But when you really sit and melt, the very idea of you being possessed by ego disappears, dissolves.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: My first love

When I remember him and his life, I can never stop My overflowing emotions and devotion! When I remember him and his life, I can never stop My overflowing emotions and devotion!

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahaṃsa (1836 – 1886)

For ten years, I read ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’ every night! I never felt bored with his spiritual truths.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

There were at least fifty enlightened beings in Tiruvannamalai


In My childhood, I have seen at least fifty people in Arunācala, amazingly declaring yogic powers through extraordinary lifestyles, living the powers of Mahādeva, radiating the powers of Mahādeva.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam



Yogi Ramsuratkumar


“By the time I went to Ramsurat Kumār, My body had already been prepared by Yogananda Puri. So Ramsurat Kumār had the simple job of putting Zen koans into My system. It was because of Yogi Yogananda Puri that I was able to receive Yogi Ramsurat Kumār directly.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam



Saakkuppai SWAMI

Sorakkai Swami 

Mouna Swami

 Kripananda Variyar swamigal 

Among the great modern-day devotees, one of the greatest I have seen was Kripananda Variyar Swamigal. A great personality! I can say that he was My Tamil guru. I learnt Tamil listening to his speeches.  

-HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

poondi swamigal


Near Tiruvannamalai, there is a village called Poondi in Kalasapakkam taluk. There was a Swami living there; a great saint called Poondi Swami. They would call him Kalasapakkam Aathu Swami. He is one of the very great saints India has seen in the last hundred years! He was worshipped as an Avatār of Lord Muruga. His Samādhi is still there in Poondi. I have not seen him physically, in the body. But since he was a great saint, through the enlightenment energy, he gave Me darśan during My childhood.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

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