Leela of Enligtenment






My Experiment with The Truth 

A deep listening to Annamalai Swamigal

“Once I went to listen to him talking. He was talking spiritual truths from the Advaita Vedānta philosophy. I will tell you roughly what I understood from his words. I can’t say this is what he said, but I can say this is what I heard! ‘We are not the body; there is no pain or suffering for us.’ ”  

-HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam


Immediate happenings with Kuppammal and Sampath


Dr. Karunanidhi shares
the family doctor 

I am a pediatrician practicing in Tiruvannamalai since 1978. I was Swami’s family doctor. I remember the incident when Swami’s parents brought Him one day to the clinic. My clinic was just opposite their house in Tiruvoodal street. He was bleeding on His thigh with a deep wound; they said He had hurt himself. 



Gifts of The Enlightenment Experience

At the age of 12 (after this incident) fortunately I was liberated from this pattern of shrinking. How much alive you feel inside your skin, with the same intensity, with the same authenticity, I felt I was alive in everything that exists! 

-HDH Nithyananda paramashivam

If you take up this one technique that Annamalai Swamigal shared with me, you too can realize this. Meditation should be done playfully, not seriously, with a long face!
Let us see how did this actually happen? What made me have such a strong experience? There are many others who have also done similar meditations (of seeing where the thoughts arise from), but why didn’t all of them have such experiences at the end of it?

Annamalai Swamigal’s Technique is for Everyone

Enlightenment Experience: fundamentals and deterrants

I tell you, you can never possess enlightenment; you can never ‘achieve’ enlightenment. You can never possess enlightenment; only enlightenment can possess you. It happens to you when you drop all desires. In My own life, I can say I became enlightened when I had My first spiritual experience at twelve.

– HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam


sampath speaks
The Avatar’s Chilhood Friend

 I feel, whatever He felt at the time of the deep experience, still remained with Him at that time. He was slightly smiling slightly, and started holding me tightly. I started getting afraid, not knowing what he was doing. He said to walk with Him. Little did I know I was receiving the historic first ever energy darśan from The Avatār!


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