The Jeeva Nadi of The Avatar

The Universe has been planning for the happening of The Avatar since the beginning of time. Nadi readings are an astrological phenomenon where through many different means, either through a person or through palm leaf recordings, the past, present and future is revealed to any individual at any time. They are extremely profound sources that expose the depth of Hinduism and the inner achievements of the giants in Hindu history. The nadi readings are originally written by ancient rishis, including the renowned sage and Siddha Agastya, about the entire history of life in the universe. They were recorded when the rishis had access to the Akashic Records, and wrote down what they saw was happening in the grand scheme of the universe.  

This particular nadi reading referring to The Avatar was spontaneously revealed (or revealed through divine intervention) to a disciple of The Avatar who sought his own nadi reading.  The original nadi is in Tamil. 

Read the verses of the Jeeva Nadi revelations for The Avatar. You can scroll through each page by selecting the “next” button. 

Me, Agastya, the Seven Rishis and the eighteen Siddhas

Will now reveal the divine prediction for Nithyananda

Nithyananda, who protects the protect at this time, to protect the truth surrounding Him

As the blissfully dancing Isha (Shiva) in the Incarnation

Each day, every moment for humanity

Removed the disease of sins and made them virtuous

By showing divine darshan and knowledge of Self

By giving the knowledge of Self for the people

He bestowed the Unsaturating Bliss 

Nithyananda who has crossed eons and come

Is the blessing light of Enlightenment that is Adishiva (Sadashiva) Himself

Shiva, who incarnated and took body as Nithyananda

Whose omnipresence permeated all the worlds

The Parameshwara, who protects the universe,

Right from Agastya, Patanjali, Nandi Devar, Shiva Vakiyar

Embodiment of Shiva – Matsya Muni, Kamala Muni, 

Sattai Nathar, Bhogar, Pulippani Siddhar, 

Embodiment of tapas Danvanthar, Thirumoolar, 

With the penance Gorakkar, Konganavar, 

Konganavar, Paampaati, Pattinathar, 

Along with Naradar, Roma Rishi, 

The auspicious Aatri Munivar, along with Mareechi, 

Malankan, Markandeyar, Kakabhuchandar

Along with Bhuchandar, Vasishtar, Valmiki, 

The one in the earth – Vaakthama Vyaathar, Pattira kiriyar

9 crore Siddhas, who live with Shiva in Kailash,

Merged in Paramahamsa Nithyananda

He is living Blissful tapas in this world for

The Nithyananda Sanga, who live all over this world

To remove the worries in their mind and

Disturbances/movements in their minds

Me, Agastya the great Rishi is blessing

Nithyananda has incarnated as Sarvesvara 

To save the planet earth and show the way to the people

He has come to teach the truths of Sadashivatva

By His teaching even many sinners became virtuous, 

Many crores people became blissful 

Just by thinking about Him, they achieved bliss. 

The people who have experienced the truth of bliss followed Him

In this world, before Nithyananda was born 

He made 7 crore people 

To be born in the world

7 crore people were born with Him

After He was born he has invited 7 crore people to this 
He made them to be born on this earth

All the religions will form Nithyananda Sanga

At present they are all born in all religions 

They all will come to Nithyananda

When this crores of people follow Him, 

The country will flourish by the rule of

Let us live this day worshiping Nithyananda. 

As, Paramahamsa Sarveshwaran is none other than Eesan (SHIVA). 


Everyday people will praise worship Nithyananda

And call Him as God. 

Nithyananda Sanga – please carefully listen completely to the words 
Siva, has come in the form of Nithyananda to protect this world. 
As the result of the penance of many crores of Siddhas, 

Paramasivan has incarnated as Paramahamsa. 

So all the life forms in the world are His life. 

He considers all the people of the world as His people, His children.

He lives as a Jagat guru, as pure Siva, Paramashiva,

As the sun and the moon. 


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