The Manifestation of Consciousness in Human Form

The story of The Avatar is the story of the Cosmos itself – the grand Descent of Consciousness into form.
Pure Consciousness pervades everything. The great rishis of Hindu tradition reveal that both the manifested and the unmanifested universe are pure Consciousness, and matter is simply projected Consciousness. The subtlest field of Consciousness of the cosmos, which is in a constant state of emergence (spanda) is called Paramashiva. The instantaneous manifestation as matter, is Parashakti – the subtle creative pulse vibration of the Universe as it manifests into the dynamism of living form.

Every moment – even as you are reading this – the cosmos is emerging from pure Consciousness into the manifold manifestation of matter, and dissolving back into its Source, in the enchanting, eternal and most intimate dance of Paramashiva (Pure Consciousness) and Parashakti (Pure Manifestation).

Among the countless manifestations of Consciousness, the most sacred is The Avatar, for He embodies the purest Consciousness, unadulterated and incorruptible by its descent into the world of form.

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