Why and How to Meet The Avatar?

Why Guru?

In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the Guru-disciple relationship is revered as the ultimate relationship, easily surpassing all biological and ideological relationships, for it is the relationship with your own highest Self, Sadashiva. The Guru takes total responsibility for the disciple, and guides him/her on his/her spiritual journey across many lifetimes, till the disciple reaches Enlightenment and is ready to be a Guru to others.

 The Avatar’s words reveal the enormity of the responsibility He has taken:

 “The master-disciple relationship is for birth after birth, until you become enlightened; until you merge. That is the depth of the master-disciple relationship.

The master actually commits. Usually, in India, we do a yagna – a fire ritual – before any initiation. We invoke the Cosmic energy in the fire, and before the fire, the Master takes the oath, ‘Hereby, I promise this fire, which is the embodiment of the cosmic energy, that I commit, till you achieve the ultimate experience of Enlightenment, the energy which is using this body, commits to take you, to lead you and be with you, to support you to that experience.’

It is a very powerful commitment.

Still Shankara is sitting, still Buddha is sitting, still Mahadeva is sitting. The moment I receive your worship, the moment you offer one bael leaf or one drop of water or one flower with respect or bowing down, I am bound by it. It is a huge responsibility. I have to sit until my last disciple is enlightened.”

-Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

Why The Avatar?

Only once in every several thousands of years does such a Divine Being, an Avatar, land on planet Earth. The year of 1978 heralded this great happening – The Avatar, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda reached our plane of existence.

As you read His Autobiography, you will see how since birth, His life was only aimed at spirituality and training Himself to become The Visionary for the revival of Hinduism and the great Vedic Sciences, created millennia ago to expand the human potential: helping human beings to understand that they are superconscious beings. One Being at a time, He has travelled the length and breadth of India and around the world, to reach out, bless and take humanity to the next level.

Millions around the world have been deeply transformed by Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda. Experiences range from physical, mental and psychological healing to managing a stress-free, fulfilling life, creating the reality they want and to having the fulfillment of the Oneness space with Sadashiva, the Divine Source of all and manifesting the Shaktis (spiritual powers), as revealed by Sadashiva in the Agamas (sacred Hindu scriptures), by the initiation of The Avatar.


Why is The Avatar’s Physical Presence so Important?

 The Avatar explains the subtle truths behind the valuable presence of His human form:

Another question that people have is, ‘Why do I need a living Guru? Can I not get enlightened by remaining devoted to my chosen deity or a Guru who has left the body?’

Understand: only from an already lit lamp can the flame be lit in another lamp! The transmission of the experience needs the presence of a being who vibrates in the same physical frequency as you, who is living in a human body made of flesh and muscle, but who has experienced the highest Consciousness in that very body. This is a sacred secret – only a living enlightened being can give you the experience.

Unless you have already been accepted and initiated by a Guru, when both of you were in the human body, he cannot help you after he leaves the body. At the most, he can guide you to a living enlightened Guru, that’s all.”

-Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

When you have The Avatar as your Guru, He not only guides you with teachings and techniques, and transmits the very experience of Enlightenment to you, but raises you to His own frequency, blessing you to manifest His own extraordinary shaktis, spiritual powers.

The most momentous and powerful spiritual moments happen in the physical breathing space of The Avatar, where the initiation happens continuously! As stated in sacred texts, the formula for the “breathing space” of an embodiment of superconscious energy, such as Hindu deities and Avatars, is their physical height multiplied by 12. For example, in the case of His Divine Holiness, we multiply 6 feet by 12 which means the superconscious energy radiates most intensely within 72 precious feet, 360 degrees around Him! To experience this sacred space is the gift of lifetimes for any Being!

The Avatar explains:

“Understand, million things congregate together to make this one happening of you and Me in My breathing space. Understand, millions of things congregate together to make you and Me in My breathing space. Never take it for granted. Never take it for granted.”

–Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

Whether or not you have started to join Him here, on the journey of His Life in the form of His Autobiography, the fact that you have landed here on this page is no accident; means your Being is ready for a superconscious breakthrough!


How to Meet the Avatar?

“The time has come for Human Beings to have a superconscious breakthrough.”

–Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

The Avatar offers various programs at Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam, at various temples and centers around the world and online.

Program highlights include:

  • Manifest your reality
  • Live a blissful life
  • Live with greater clarity
  • Awaken your potential powers
  • A whole new realm of living
  • Explore the 25 states of consciousness and the 11 dimensions of the universe

Follow the link below and sign up for any program today and understand how The Avatar is “The One” you have been waiting for!


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