The Doctrine of Avatars



The Laws of the Universe


According to Hinduism, two of the fundamental laws which the universe runs on are: first, that change itself is a constant, uncompromisable aspect of the universe.  Nothing can remain relevant forever. Second, the universe is eternally expanding.

In order to accommodate these fundamental truths of existence, the universe itself manifests in a form most relevant to life on Earth at the time. The Avatar happens for all kinds of life on Earth,not just as a human but even for animals and plants. The queen of Madurai, Meenakshi, was also an incarnation of Devi Adi Shakti, who is known to have organized Hinduism as a lifestyle for the first time on planet Earth. She conquered the eight directions, creating what is known as Akhanda Bharat at that time. Bhagavan Sri Krishna was the Avatar who revealed The Bhagavad Gita, in which He promised Arjuna and humanity who read the Gita later, that He would happen time after time, whenever the collective ignorance touched a dangerous valley and the need is dire. In the modern day, Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa are also great Avatars themselves, each of them embodying the superconscious energy, bringing humanity closer and closer to the next awakening.

Even prehistorically, Avatars have happened on planet Earth, when Vishnu descended as the Matsya (fish) Avatar and Kurma (tortoise) Avatar. The Vishnu puranas record at least ten Avatars who have happened in the course of evolutionary history (click to read more).

This Doctrine of Belief in Avatars is essential to the Hindu religion and lifestyle. This belief as thus proliferated deeply into people and civilization of Vedic people. The Hindu environment is such that it harbors the possibility of Incarnations.  Avatars are born time and again only in Bharat – the Indian subcontinent, and through every rise and fall of great kingdoms worldwide, Hinduism continues to exist as the oldest culture, heritage and lifestyle.

On account of this great Doctrine, Planet Earth is graced by Avatar after Avatar, walking, talking and blessing each one on this experiential plane.

Every single one of the Incarnations throughout history upholds the authenticity of Hinduism for the next Avatar to take it further. Life goes on evolving to finally become one with the entire cosmos. As The Avatar of Paramashiva Himself, His Divine Holiness  is leading us into Satya Yuga once and for all. Having seen our fears and desires tear us apart, and understanding the pain that we ourselves have created and how we are suffering, He comes down from Kailasa to swallow it all.


The Avatar Happens Exclusively for You

There are innumerable reasons why HDH NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM happened on planet Earth. He happened to cause the next evolutionary breakthrough for life on Earth. He happened to cause the Satya Yuga once again. He happened for the fulfillment of consciousness itself. He happened for the entire humanity and He happened exclusively for you at the same time.

Ultimately, however, in words that cannot quite be summarized either by anyone, the true reason behind the happening of The Avatar is nothing but pure compassion. This realization will happen in you after reading the full life story of His Divine Holiness, all of His gifts for humanity and His sacrifices. You will journey through all the years that His feet graced the planet Earth, you will learn the greatest of His lessons, and your aspirations for life itself will mature. Upon experiencing His life through the Autobiography of The Avatar, you yourself will have the realization that brings tears to your eyes and the ultimate surrender into your mind.

The Avatar happened on planet Earth just for you and your fulfillment.

The Importance of a Living Avatar

In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the guru is the ultimate teacher. Gurus are those who have given their entire life to attaining the state of Paramashiva, finding the one and only truth and teaching it to others. Listening and living by what the guru says is one of the most ancient traditions in Hindu, beginning from when Paramashiva Himself came down as Dakshinamurthy, the Adiguru, the primary guru who taught the rishis the truths of living enlightenment.

An Avatar is a guru but not all gurus are avatars. The defining factor of the Avatar is a conscious birth. The guru might have gained enlightenment while in his current life but that does not mean they can remember the details of their own birth word for word

 In the end, the guru is revered the utmost in Hinduism, even by Paramashiva Himself because, as the well-known proverb goes, even if God stands in front of you this moment, you would not recognize him if not for the guru and what he has taught you. In Vedic tradition, guru is even greater than God because he is the one who introduces us to God.

Bhagavan Paramashiva Himself reveals that the significance of The Guru.


Paramashiva reveals in Sarvajnanottara Agama I vidya Pada (universal knowledge) in Chapter 2 The Direct Blissful Experience of Absolute Oneness with Siva

Srimad Sarvajnanottara Agama : Verse 3

guru pa’rampara’yattam adrus”t’am sarvava’dibhih l
bhavabhanda vimoks”a’rthan paramam sarvatomukham ll 3

This supreme discipline has been coming down through the continued lineage of the Guru from time immemorial. This is incomprehensible to all those who are affiliated to various systems, both religious and philosophical. This has been formulated for the attainment of complete liberation from the repeated phenomenon of birth and death. This is supreme in its kind and concerned with the ultimate benefit of all the souls.

At the end of the day, Guru is respected more than God Himself because he takes responsibility for uplifting the whole humanity. Out of his own grace and true compassion, he relieves human beings of the ache they feel at the center of their soul.

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