The Kali Yuga

We are in the Kali Yuga.

In Hinduism, a “yuga” is a period of time. There are four yugas or eras: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. At the end of each Kali Yuga, we return back to Satya Yuga, making time a cyclical experience rather than a linear one. The age that we are currently in is called the “Kali Yuga”, termed by our ancestral rishis as the worst of the four yugas. This is the age of delusion where reality develops a foggy filter, a blurry haze which distorts our perspective. Tremendous pain becomes our reality because of the poisonous cognitions we have developed

While in Satya Yuga, beings hold the purpose of their life, which is to attain liberation, as closely to them as possible, in the Kali Yuga, they distance themselves from this purpose the most. Each of these periods of time get progressively worse, farther away from the source each time.   

In the Kurma Purana, Sage Vyasa echoes the rishis declaration: 

इदं कलियुगं घोरं संप्राप्तं पाण्डुनन्दन।

ततो गच्छामि देवस्य वाराणसीं महापुरीम् ।। २९.१

अस्मिन् कलियुगे घोरे लोकाः पापानुवर्त्तिनः ।

भविष्यन्ति महापापा वर्णाश्रमविवर्जिताः ।। २९.२

नान्यत् पश्यामि जन्तूनांमुक्त्वा वाराणसीं पुरीम् ।

सर्वपापप्रशमनं प्रायश्चित्तं कलौ युगे ।। २९.३

idaṃ kaliyugaṃ ghoraṃ saṃprāptaṃ pāṇḍunandana।

tato gacchāmi devasya vārāṇasīṃ mahāpurīm ।। 29.1।।

asmin kaliyuge ghore lokāḥ pāpānuvarttinaḥ ।

bhaviṣyanti mahāpāpā varṇāśramavivarjitāḥ ।। 29.2 ||

nānyat paśyāmi jantūnāṃmuktvā vārāṇasīṃ purīm ।

sarvapāpapraśamanaṃ prāyaścittaṃ kalau yuge ।। 29.3 

which means:

This Kali Yuga is the worst of the four Yugas, ages, in all the worlds. People are sinful and forget the dharma of the four varnas and the four ashramas. In fact, men are so sinful that no prescribed penance atones for their great sins. The only place which is free from such sins is the great sacred city of Varanasi, the Mahapuri

In the present day, this current generation has seen the nightmare of our forefathers and ancient orators come true. The fog of forgetfulness has become so thick that its grey, musky qualities have become a fashion. Every prediction about man’s accumulated sin harming planet Earth has all come true. Now, our rishis also present to us the solution.

They tell us the different energies that will be able to help bring a breakthrough to the life on planet Earth. In the same Kurma Purana, Vyasa continues their undeniable truths:    

vyāsa uvāca

dhyānaṃ paraṃ kṛtayuge tretāyāṃ jñānamucyate।

dvāpare yajñamevāhurdānameva kalau yuge ।। 29.10 

brahmā kṛtayuge devastretāyāṃ bhagavān raviḥ ।

dvāpare daivataṃ viṣṇuḥ kalau rudro maheśvaraḥ ।। 29.11

brahmā viṣṇustathā sūryaḥ sarva eva kalāvapi ।

pūjyate bhagavān rudraścaturṣvapi pinākadhṛk ।। 29.12 

which means:

“Vyāsa said: In the Krita Yuga (Satya Yuga), meditation (dhyana) holds as ultimate (path for liberation). In Treta Yuga, the path is the sacred knowledge, jnana. In the Dvapara Yuga, only the performance of yajna, the sacred fire ritual. In the Kali Yuga (kalau), it is the path of dana, the enriching offerings, indeed. Brahma is the presiding Divinity for Krtya Yuga. In the Treta Yuga, it is Bhagvan Ravi (Surya). In the Dvapara Yuga, the devata, presiding Divinity is Vishnu. And in the Kali Yuga, the presiding Divinity is Rudra, Lord Maheshvara.” 

The Mark of Kali  

Kali (pronounced cuh-lee) is the mark of the age of great delusion, where our experience of life is most distant from what is reality. While our reality is what Paramashiva says, what we feel inside is distinctly opposite. This duality, between reality and experience, between what you believe and what is reality, is what our rishis signify as the beginning of “Kali”, the mark of Kali. 


The accumulation of this delusion has reached the point where if humanity does not fix ourselves now, it will end up in the collapse of humanity 

This is the reason for the descent of Avatar. 

The tremendous amount of pain that life in all forms is undergoing across all nations, religions, castes, classes and genders has accumulated over the past two thousand years. Not only humans but animals, plants and the very land that we walk on has been affected by the misguided decisions of people with more power and the silence of others. We have seen pain in the aggressive form of violence and vengeance, in the manipulative form as greed and exploitation, and in the disguised form as immense boredom and tiredness. In all walks of life, the reality of pain unites us all more so than anything else. Though we may disagree in whom we pray to, in what we eat or in how we go about earning our livelihood, there is no denying the suffering we have seen, heard of and been through .

When we face the facts, we are a trembling force of life, foolishly overwhelmed by the grandiosity of the universe and at the same time wanting to conquer it.

What we lack is a valid, working solution. After first acknowledging that, “Yes, we have seen pain”, now where do we go from here?

Most often where we look for the solution is the source of the problem. We seek solution in the institutions that we ourselves have created. The government, health institutions and research and development universities have all shown that what they offer as a solution, if anything, is only a temporary bandage over what is a gaping wound. Solutions nowadays even create other problems, like pain medication that comes with its own set of near fatal side effects. We have seen enough of these fake, so-called solutions. It is time for the real, permanent and pervasive solution that fixes the mess what we have created once and for all.


The Avatar For The Kali Yuga 


The energy of Rudra, another name for Paramashiva, is the official guide of the time that we live in. In our most intense struggles, he is the one we should look for – The Avatar of this day and age.   

Shiva Himself confirms this as the truth by giving His own instruction on what should be followed in this day and age. To Devi Adi Shakti in the Kularnava Tantra He instructs,

“In Satya Yuga, the golden age, the scripture followed is Shruti, the revealed and heard scriptures; in Treta they followed Smriti, the remembered scriptures; in Dvapara Yuga, they followed Purana, the cosmic histories. In Kali Yuga they are to follow and live only the Agama.”  

As we know, the Agama is the scripture of Paramashiva Himself. This magnifies Paramashiva’s importance in the Kali Yuga. His living energy and His teachings are the prescribed antidote for the poison we took in during the Kali Yuga.




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