The most earnest path of devotion narrated by the biological mother of The Avatar, Ma Nithya Lokanayakananda Swami in

When God is My Son

 the biography of The Avatar as told by His own mother

Handwritten with love by Swamiamma

 Growing chapters in the book “When God is My Son”, handwritten personally by the mother of The Avatar

Listen to Swami Amma narrate her precious memories with The Avatar in her own voice in English and Tamil 

 Ma Nithya Lokanayakananda Swami is the biological mother of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (The SPH) who devotees of SPH lovingly call “Swami Amma”. In these memoirs, Swami Amma recalls her life with The Avatar from the time He was born, to when He left her home at the age of 17 to embark entirely alone in the world for the revival of KAILASA, to herself joining the monastic order in 2006 and becoming a role model for the thousands of initiated Hindu monks who seek liberation in the path lead by The Avatar. 

With millions who now follow her Divine Son, the Incarnation of Paramashiva Himself, and revere Him as their Guru and guide across the multidimensional Universe that we live in and as The SPH endeavors to revive the ancient, enlightened Hindu civilizational nation, KAILASA, after a 5,000 year Hindu Holocaust, Swami Amma’s memoirs with The Avatar are the most profound yet most sweet and simple insights into the infinite vastness of The Avatar which show us a way for Living Enlightenment through ultimate surrender and ultimate innocence. 


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