Yogananda Puri Radiated Extraordinary Powers

The Leela of Yoga






He Radiated Extraordinary Śaktis!

Inside the Arunācaleśvara temple

Yogananda Puri stood by Manu (planet Earth’s first-ever lawmaker), who said that knowledge is free. Even though he was an amazing yogi, he took up a job as a cashier in The State Bank of India, and worked to maintain his family. He had nearly fourteen kids.

Above: Group photography with Yogananda puri and his colleagues from State Bank of India Tiruvannamalai. The caption reads, “Farewell party given to Shri. V Raghupathy, Head Cashier on 5-2-73 on the eve of his retirement” 

Right: Yogananda Puri and his wife, Ma Premavati. Ma Premavati lived on to tell the biographers of The Avatar her rememberances of Him at a young age. 


He was just a body of miracles! He would sip cold water through his nose and spit out boiling hot water! 

He was a master in sounds – Śabda tattva, Vāk tattva. He would take a stone and create a sound like a stone being hit by a hammer. That stone would split into two pieces! He would sometimes create a kind of a sound as if a dog is barking. In the dog’s language, it was a kind of an invitation. From the entire surrounding area, some sixty to seventy dogs would gather around him suddenly! In the same way, I have seen with my own eyes: If we were sitting under a tree, especially mango trees or coconut trees, and if we asked, “Guruji, get us some mangoes”, all he needed to do was make a sound like a stone and simply the mango would fall! He also knew how to break coconuts in the same way. He would just take the coconut in his hand, create a sound, and it would break! 

I have seen Yogananda Puri lifting any size stones, any size rocks. I have seen with My eyes that he would not even use both his hands. He would just roll them with one hand. I really lost respect for the concept of weight after living around him. 

He would even teleport objects and show me. 

I started teleporting and materializing objects as well

He is applying freshly prepared Siddha medicine to heal a yoga student

I remember: He used to make Siddha medicines also, for which he needed snake venom. So he would just do some kind of a Prāṇāyāma (breathing technique), create a sound and release a particular smell through his nose – and snakes would automatically come near him as if they are in sexual orgasm! He would have a small stone cup, and all he would do is take the snake, put its mouth near the cup, take out the venom and release it. 

Once, Yogananda Puri was explaining a concept in Vedānta called Rajju Sarpa Nyāya to Me. He wanted to get a rope and show it to Me as an example. He searched for a rope, but he did not find it. He then made some sound, and a snake appeared from nowhere! He explained the whole thing using the snake instead of the rope! 

Once he caught a cobra and made it bite Me, just to prove the science of removing poison from the body! Then he took a herb, which he put on that spot and sucked the poison out. He was showing Me the peak of consciousness and unconsciousness – how to go to the peak of consciousness even when the poison is spreading in your body. 

He made the cobra bite…I was slowly falling into the consciousness, and he was instructing Me, “Balance your samāna (balancing the airflow inside the body).” For even a second, I did not have fear. I could feel at that moment that a spot in the Sahasrāra (crown cakra or energy center on top of the head) opened and got connected to the Viśuddhi (throat cakra or energy center in the throat); and an intense flow of sweetness was there!

How to make any sense organ do anything 

When awareness comes in contact with senses, any sense can do anything!

Adi Shankara very beautifully explains this initiation with a powerful example called pramara geeta nyaaya – bee logic. Pramara geeta means: When a bee wants to expand its family, it goes and picks up a few worms and makes a small mud shell and keeps the worm inside, sits in the entry point and goes on creating an intense sound – that sound is the mantra deeksha. In that sound, the worms will become bee! Just using the sense of sound, the bee is able to reproduce! It does not need any organ for reproduction. 

All your 5 senses can do the job of all other 4 senses without the need of other 4 senses! Your eyes can hear, smell, experience the touch pleasure and taste without the use of ears, nose, tongue and touch.   Even if you have this understanding, your understanding about fear and greed of the senses will expand and make you a leader.

I have seen Ragupathi Yogi… He will take a thread and blow it with the eyes! The ability to use any sense for any purpose… All your pleasure is not because of the object coming in contact with the sense, but awareness coming in contact with the sense. I want all our kids to be trained in the science of awareness coming in contact with the sense and not the object coming in contact with the sense.

Loosening from any nervous system as you wish

One day morning in the temple he taught Me this samyama (spiritual technique) of how to loosen yourself from the system and enter into another body. He taught how to loosen yourself from the different nerves. It is a simple conscious decision of not getting attached; nothing else. I sat and practiced maybe for half an hour. We were walking to go round the Hill. On the way, there was the government hospital. Throughout the way he was saying, “You try this samyama on somebody and try to prove that you are able to do it.”

I saw a nurse walking inside the hospital. Immediately I told Ragupathi Yogi that I will do samyama on her; very elderly lady maybe 50 or 55. I did the samyama on her but I was not able to get into her body completely. I was only able to connect with her eyes. I was able to loosen Myself only from the eyes. That is the part first gets loosened because that is the part through which you relate with the world more than 80%. 

She was attending a delivery. I described the whole delivery: Exactly how the baby is coming out, how she was attending, what all equipment were used, how the baby was washed with soap and how the baby has been beaten… everything I described in a very detailed way because I was seeing through her eyes. End of the delivery after she did everything, the relatives of the mother were waiting outside. The moment she came out they gave a silver tumbler to her as a gift. She just inserted that tumbler in the hip to hide from the other doctors and officials.

Ragupathi Yogi wanted to check the power of My samyama. He took me inside the hospital and asked me to tell who the nurse is and where she is keeping the tumbler. I said, “She is the nurse and she is keeping the tumbler here in the hip.” Ragupathi Yogi went and asked her, “Did you get a silver tumbler as a bribe?” She was shocked. And he said, “You are keeping it in your hip!” She was completely shaken. She asked “How do you know Swamiji?” He said, “I saw with my mantra power.” She touched his feet and went away. Then later on Raghupathy yogi took me inside the place where the baby is there. I described before that itself to Ragupathi Yogi some of the body marks and how the baby looked and all that. We went and checked; everything was perfect as I had described!

Then I asked Ragupathi Yogi why I am not able to do the samyama of the whole body? Why I am not able to enter into her body completely. Then he said very beautifully, “First thing, this samyama is just to your own powers to you; to remind you that you can do this. Second, you are a Conscious birth. If you enter into her whole body, even if you come back, she will become an incarnation or enlightened. Either she has to live an enlightened life or the person has to leave the body. You will not be able to fully enter into some body.” I was shocked. 

Your interest on a particular pleasure through a particular sense object makes you work through those nerves and have different experiences of the worlds. This is a basic law. For example, if you are highly interested in food, you get into that nervous system which is responsible for tasting different varieties of food and you taste, digest, enjoy and create more. For example if you are interested in ‘seeing’, you get into that nervous system called seeing which is necessary for seeing and you see, create more and more experiences for the sake of the pleasure of seeing. 

Whenever you decide that you don’t want to use that particular sense anymore, then immediately a kind of a loosening happens in that nervous system. Now you are independent of that nervous system.

If you lose all the interest on eating and you feel: It’s ok if there is a little food to maintain the body, then immediately you are loosened from the nervous system related to eating. The weight of engraved memories related to eating slowly leaves your system. 

Levitation over a hotel table!

A person who is our devotee now, used to be a devotee of Yogananda Puri earlier. He runs the Udupi Hotel in Tiruvannamalai. He is from a very spiritual family. Once, Yogananda Puri and he were at the Udupi Hotel. I was also with them. Somebody came and asked Yogananda Puri in a very disturbing way, “I heard that you can make people levitate, means, fly. Can you do that to me?” Yogananda Puri jovially told him, “Pay for this coffee, then I will do it.” That guy said, “Alright, I will pay for all the three coffees.”

He paid for all the three coffees. Yogananda Puri actually made him sit on that dining table and told him to hold his nostrils, and did something for three or four minutes. Then, suddenly, he pulled that dining table out from under the man – and he was levitating! He was there, in the air! So I used to think, “Oh! Levitation is easy!”

Sri Upadhyaya shares…

“Swami would be sitting for long hours in the temple. He would also sit at the Iyyan Kulam (a pond in Tiruvannamalai). The people here would think he is a mad person. They said the same thing of Visiri Swami (Yogi Ramsuratkumar) also. 

They used to have the yoga classes upstairs (in the hotel) as well as in the Krittika Mandapam in the Arunācaleśvara temple. He has come many times to the hotel here. Swami would come with and without Ragupathi Yogi here. Ragupathi Yogi used to talk a lot to me sitting here. He is a good Jīvātma (soul).”

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