Today in Nithyananda History! March 16, 2006

Dr. Murali Krishna from the Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was honored to have His Divine Holiness address an audience full of medical professionals and researchers. He spoke on the most recent breakthrough studies which were done on HDH himself.

The scientists who were apart of the experiments were astonished at the superhuman capabilities of the brain of HDH. His brain appeared to have an unseen-before capability to control the transition between different states of consciousness AND demonstrate higher states of consciousness with levels of alpha, beta, and gamma waves which were higher than normal levels for human beings.

Through this research His Divine Holiness established the possibility which all beings can achieve. He has demonstrated what He has been teaching to us all these years: the idea of consciousness over matter, that our powerful will has the power over our physical experience. And through the life of The Avatar, HDH has established how we can all also achieve this state of Paramashiva which He embodies.

His Divine Holiness has revived and taught multidunious ways to awaken the human potential and raise to the higher levels of consciousness, through samyamas, initiations, processes, yoga, kriyas and countless powerful cognitions. Most recently one of the ways He has offered is the PACCHAI PATHNNI VRATHAM!

Amidst the global panic about the Coronavirus pandemic, HDH revived a traditional and organic solution to immunize ourselves and protect the whole world from the Coronavirus.
This Vratham is a sacred technique which has roots in the Samayapuram Mariamman temple. Please visit in order to learn more and REGISTER for this vratha!!

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