1981 | Ganesha

1981 | The first deity possessed by The Avatar – Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God worshipped as the Lord of Completion and Remover of all obstacles. It is through this deity that The young Avatar had the strong experience of Savikalpa Samadhi, where Ganesha appeared alive and ate the food served by the Avatar, and through this profound Happening, The Avatar experienced Oneness with the Divine through this chosen deity form of Ganesha.

In The Avatar’s own words, “It is Ganesha pūjā (worship and offering to the Hindu God Ganesha) with which My whole life started. I got this Ganesha as a gift for My birthday. I had such a strong feeling-connection with him that I felt that Ganesha was actually there…that the deity was not just a stone; it was Ganesha Himself!”

 Made of Soapstone, Height: 3.5 inches, width , 6 cm


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