My Birth as I see It

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My Birth As I see it

Swami Amma (The Avatār’s biological mother), profoundly innocent as she is, did not know that all the Gods and Goddesses in Devaloka, including Viṣṇu and Brahma, were looking upon Earth from the heavenly skies. 1978 marked the end of negativity once and for all. All the accumulated suffering and calamities that had happened since the end of the era of the Kalki Avatāra were destined to evaporate. The entire universe rejoiced as Paramaśiva descended from Kailasa in all His grandeur, for yet another Līlā on planet Earth! All the Gāndharvas, munis,  Gaṇas, and even the asuras and dwellers of the netherworlds, were all watching, waiting eagerly for the birth of The Avatär of Paramaśiva – His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam.

When I talk about My birth and life, I do not know at all know how I am going to express Myself. I do not know how IT is going to express Itself…! 

I too can only bow down to that energy, and along with you all, allow that Energy to work the way It wants to. 

It was neither dark nor light-filled; an indeterminate color covered planet Earth… A world where darkness covered darkness; I saw the Cosmos.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared from a region, which I now see as Southern India. At that time, I did not know where it was. Borders are what we draw. Where is there border in the Cosmos?  

I entered into that light in the form of a brilliant meteor. 

The very next sight that I perceived with my inner eye was Arunācala, and I knew that I had assumed the body once more. I had entered the womb of My mother. The reflection on planet Earth happened! It was a conscious birth. 

Understand deeply: There was no pain or suffering or loss of memory. You all cannot recall the scene of your taking birth. There is no memory there. The moment you enter the mother’s womb, the past memories get disconnected. For Me, that does not happen. When you wake up from sleep, are the dreams disconnected, or are the previous day’s happenings disconnected? No! In the same way, without loss of memory, and without going to the coma stage, it happens with full awareness.

I saw very clearly that in all the three states – waking state, dream or sleep, it was like as if I was in the normal, awake state, and I entered the body just sitting in that state! This is what they call conscious birth. In the year 1978, in the Tamil month of Margazhi, on the star – Citra Nakṣatra, Kanyā Rāśi, Kanyā Lagnam.

 From that moment, I know this body is there, which happened out of that light, that intense light. If I describe it, maybe I can say it was a light ball or something like that. Whenever I fall asleep, I fall into that only. Whenever I fall into Samādhi, I fall into that, that’s all. All other superficial things that happen, like jāgrat (waking state), svapna (dream state), and suṣupti (deep sleep state) are only superficial. That is why all those three do not make any difference in this body.   

 It was a normal delivery without any pain. Only thing, the baby was really big! Doctors thought it was going to be twins! My mother said that I was ten pounds in weight. Indian village mothers can never imagine delivering a ten-pound child, because usually Indian village mothers are malnourished – and I was not born in a very rich family, I was born in a middle-class family – and there was no special pregnancy care given to My mother. My mother said she felt as if I was inside for five years! The body was mature, equivalent to a three-year old child – just like Mīnākṣī, who was never born, but had directly walked out of a sacred fire ritual as a three-year-old girl. 

 My mother says I never ever cried as well. 

The Leela of Descent

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