Gopal maharaj, The Avatār’s roommate in Sri Ramakrishna Mutt shares:

The Leela of Monastic Life






Gopal maharaj, The Avatār’s roommate in Sri Ramakrishna Mutt shares:

Next to The Avatār is Gopal maharaj, His own roommate.

Gopal maharaj, a co-brahmachari of The Avatār at the mutt cannot be contained in his gushing memoirs of his days with The Avatār. In the unabridged autobiographical volumes that are to come out, his complete account will be published. In this volume, the essence of his life with The Avatār is included:

I would never know at what time He comes to sleep. It would be wee hours of the morning. Finishing His responsibility as the annadatta (person who feeds the people everyday), He would come and offer pūjā to His personal altar in the room and only then retire. He would be up early morning much ahead of us. He was not just the annadatta, He was also part of the Ramakrishna Vijayam monthly magazine as well as responsible for taking care of the Guests of the mutt and more. He was never afraid of taking more and more responsibilities. His knowledge was immense and He was a natural enricher of anyone around Him. He would dance like Paramaśiva and move us to dance as well!

I will never forget how He created life in the Kanchipuram branch. He had hundreds of children crying when He left, wanting to go back with Him to the Chennai mutt. Some even sought Him out with their parents at the Chennai mutt later. 

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