Darshan of Subrahmanya, Lord of the Spiritual Alchemy Science

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Darśan of Subrahmaṇya, Lord of the Spiritual Alchemy Science

Subrahmaṇya is the lord of the spiritual alchemy science. His whole birth happened as a spiritual alchemy. He is the Lord of the Spiritual Alchemy science. Subrahmanya himself appeared before The Avatār and delivered these truths!

The first day of Skandha Ṣaṣṭi Brāhmotsavam (festival celebrating Lord Subrahmanya) is the day Subrahmanya was born. He was expressed through the third eye of Paramaśiva, from all the five faces: Satyojāta, Tatpuruṣa, Aghora, Vāmadeva, Īśāna. From the third eye of all the five faces – and the sixth space, the unborn, faceless space, the energies of Subrahmanya were made. AdiŚakti held the whole thing together. The bio-memory of AdiŚakti and the bio-energy of Paramaśiva were too powerful to hold together till the baby was delivered, so Ganga (sacred river and Divine Mother) came to help. She acted as a spiritual incubator, adding muscle-memory to this garbha. So the bio-energy of Paramaśiva, bio-memory of Adi Śakti and muscle-memory of Ganga put together is the completion of Paramaśiva: Subrahmanya. He is the completion, the complete manifestation, of Paramaśiva. 

Before My Gurus made Me manifest the spiritual alchemy science, I was put through the Kaumāra sādhana – experiencing Kumara (Subrahmanya) on Skandha Ṣaṣṭi Day.

During these six days, the sādhana involved – not eating anything, making the Subrahmanya Yantra (diagram representing and carrying Subrahmanya’s energy) on sacred ash and worshipping it, and reciting the Skandha Ṣaṣṭi kavacam (verses for receiving the protection of Subrahmanya) and the mūla mantra (Subrahmanya’s invocation mantra) thirty-six times.

It was a spiritual practice that I was personally initiated into by Vibhutānanda Puri. Not only did I complete it successfully, I had the direct darśan of Subrahmanya, and received this whole Spiritual Alchemy Science as a gift! This is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I had. After that, till I started My public life, I never missed this Skandha Ṣaṣṭi Vrata.

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