Sannyas – the space of Paramashivatva

The Leela of Sanyas






Sanyās – the space of Paramaśivatva

One day, The Avatār’s words and His physical presence will be only remembered in books and other recording media. Though He will be recalled as the most recorded incarnation in history, with millions of books and videos, His life will be His greatest teaching. The Avatār has delivered and continues to deliver what He came for to Planet Earth, not just because He has said it but because He has lived it.

Sanyās is the lifestyle which The Avatār lived with such perfect integrity and authenticity. Throughout the Hindu History, it was this lifestyle and the people who lived it who saved Hinduism from disappearing from Planet Earth. 

In the modern day, The Avatār, paved this unique pathway for millions of His disciples to follow and ultimately reach the superior experience, the Oneness with Paramaśiva Himself. In times such as these, when Kaliyuga is at its peak atrocity, this new pathway is a challenge but it is needed for humanity to attain the next level of conscious functioning. Sanyās is the bridge that The Avatār is re-building, that will help millions cross this age’s abysmal depression to the light on the other side.

Integrity is the measure of Consciousness

‘Tattva’ means ‘unit of Existence’ 

Gram is the unit for measuring weight like gram, milligram, kilogram, and liter is the unit for measuring the volume of a liquid like liter, milliliter, kiloliter, and meter is the unit for measuring length like meter, millimeter, kilometer. Therefore, various measurements have various units.

The thirty-six tattvas mentioned in the Āgamas are the units of the Cosmos. These units are the methods through which the experience of Existence is measured. The quantity of Consciousness oozing out, into your body and mind as Oneness is measured with the unit (tattva) called Integrity. The quantity of Oneness oozing out from Consciousness into your body and mind, the amount of life getting infused from Consciousness into your body and mind, is measured with the unit called Integrity.

You see, all of us have the same Consciousness as Sadāshiva has. How much of our Consciousness penetrates into our body and our mind, oozes out into our body and mind, operates through our body and mind – that is all that matters. If more units of Consciousness operate through our body and mind, we are more conscious, more energetic, more powerful and more close to Sadāshivatva- that’s all. 

When the first person (‘I’) gets more and more infused with Integrity, it is called Authenticity. 

When Integrity is manifested toward the second person, the people who are in front of you, that is called Responsibility. 

When that same Integrity becomes the lifestyle for all the third persons in your life, for everyone, that is called Enriching. 

Integrity is the unit with which we measure the amount of Oneness which is oozing out into your body and mind. If you are more comfortably integrated, you are more conscious. If you are less integrated, you are less conscious. If you are more integrated, your body and mind is more conscious; they are radiating more consciousness, manifesting more consciousness and manifesting more Sadāshivatva. That’s all.

The definition of Sanyās

Now I am going to define Sanyās. For that, you need to understand this: integrity is the unit of Oneness – the state of Sadāshivatva manifesting in your body and mind. 

Integrity is the unit to measure the amount of Oneness oozing out through your body and mind. Sanyās is the unit to measure the amount that the state, space and powers of Sadāshivatva are manifesting in your body and mind. 

An integrated person may have the state, but may not have the space and powers of Paramaśivatva. There were many who relaxed in the state of Sadāshivatva and decided, “Enough, I am full. Why unnecessarily bother about anything else?” It is very few who decide to also manifest the space and powers to show you the possibility. 

Integrity is the first of the thirty-six tattvas (units) to measure the existence of the Cosmos. Sanyās is the last unit to measure the most supreme experience of the Universe – the ability to be in the pure state, the ability to manifest the space from the pure state, and the ability to manifest powers from the pure state and space. 

I am not saying that Sanyās is the only way. I am only saying it is the royal way!  The right practice of our original state of Paramaśivatva is Sanyās. That means without diluting the state, making it into a space and manifesting it into powers.

Please understand: during a certain period when milk is becoming curd, nobody should touch it, it should not be moved. It should be just left alone. Same way, anybody who wants to manifest Sadāshivatva needs to be left untouched for a certain period. Your body and mind need to be left untouched, without even remembering anyone or anything else in your inner space. 

If your life is committed to somebody, your life has another reflection or another responsibility. You need to respond to them. You have some fundamental commitment to somebody. But when physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, there is no other relationship other than the Guru, you don’t need to respond to anybody else. You only respond to the Guru’s presence in your life. 

When milk is at the right saturation, you just need to drop a few drops of curd into the milk and leave it – which means, drop the initiation into you and leave it! Then the milk solidifies and assumes the form of the pot and does not respond or relate with anything other than the pot. In the same way, when the initiation is dropped, you need to be left just to be One with the pot – the Guru, who molds you.

You see, when there is a commitment to continuously respond to another person, your nervous system goes through a certain regular anxiety attack. It is like a cloth being beaten every day. When a cloth is being beaten every day, you can’t expect it to get strengthened! That is why during the period when Integrity is becoming Enriching, you need to be left physically and mentally untouched and un-demanded, and not required to respond to anything other than to Guruvāk (the word or instruction of the Guru). You need to be left in that kind of a vātāvaraṇa (ambience).

Understand: I have to give the Cosmic legal opinion. Anybody who reaches the shore of Sadāshivatva, even if they were grihasthas (married householders), understands the need to be literally living as Sanyāsis for a certain period. That space of Sanyās, where you physically live brahmacarya (living with fulfillment within oneself without the need of the opposite gender), ahiṃsā (non-violence), satya (thinking, speaking the truth always), asteya (non-stealing), aparigraha (living with minimum things), is required for Paramaśivatva.

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