Yogananda Puri asks me, “Sannyasi or Grihastha?”

The Leela of Sanyas






Yogananda Puri asks me, “Sanyāsi or Grihastha?”

When I was six, Yogananda Puri asked Me, “Do you want to become a Sanyāsi or a grihastha?”

I just stood up proudly and said, “Sanyāsi!” 

I still remember how I said it. I even stood up and said it so loudly because I didn’t want him to take the decision of grihastha for me! He just put his left hand on My head, and touched some of the points on My brain, like he was playing with My head. I tell you – the way the ecstasy and pleasure simply increased in the system – without the need for any external source… just unimaginable!

Then after two or three days, I asked him, “Did you purify My brain to give me a Sanyās life?”

He said, “I just increased the frequency to seeking, that’s all. If the seeking just becomes powerful, all that is good will become your bio-memory.”  

From the time that he put his hand on My head, My entire sexual development stopped. My physiology froze. My sexual physiology did not develop further.

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