My Vision is My Integrity to You

The Leela of Descent






My vision is my integrity to you

Making Advaita (Oneness with the Whole) the root cognition in every field on planet Earth is My mission, for which I landed in this body, for which I assumed the human body. I will do this mission! This is the purpose of My birth.

When I assumed My body, I was very clearly planning – What is the real knowledge or the essence we need to carry? See, when you go for a trip or tour, you know the purpose, and you pack based on that. If it is trekking, you pack trekking shoes and all those things. If it is spiritual tourism, you pack the things necessary for that. For every kind of tourism, you pack the things which are required. Before landing, I saw very clearly the need of planet Earth that I need to pack: I saw very clearly that it is love and consciousness, nothing else! Planet Earth does not need intelligence to create infrastructure. It needs a little more consciousness and love in the hearts of the decision makers. When I landed, I saw very clearly: Now humanity needs only one thing – inner awakening. 

You think we don’t have wealth. You think we don’t have intelligence. No. We just don’t have love. It is love, and a sense of responsibility for poverty and suffering on the planet Earth that we lack, not infrastructure. 

I tell you: Humanity has reached the fulfillment of outer infrastructure before January 1978 (year of birth of The Avatār). Only after that, I landed on the planet. I am not making up any stories or jokes. Humanity has reached whatever is necessary for the outer world fulfillment at least two centuries before My advent or birth. 

Now I tell you: I brought enough of power and energy to planet Earth when I landed, to put a safety net for all you people. Understand, it is not out of pride or anything, but I have to tell you: I am an Avatāra Puruṣa with the tremendous energy to create a net for all of you.

So be very clear, just live this Dharma; you will never fall, you will only fly. Even if you fall, My net is there to take care of you. With the authority that I am an incarnation who landed on the planet Earth to give this great science to all of you, I give you all the ultimate security: just relax. I will take care.

The Leela of Descent

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