The Happening

The Leela of Descent






The advent of The Avatār is the greatest happening in the universe. Every single being, every single individual consciousness, which is in the body while He is in the body, is blessed, because each has the possibility of meeting Him. Every single being, which is even only able to get a glimpse of Him, is even more blessed, because upon death, just the power of that glimpse can push you past all your current suffering to choose the life of seeking in the next birth. Above all, if you are able to interact with The Avatār, live around Him and imbibe Him, you are truly the most blessed being of all on planet Earth, because it is possible that you will finally realize the Ultimate and become enlightened in this very life.  

Avatārs play a pre-written script

In many people’s biographies, only after the organization forms, the biography is written. There are to be many insertions and so on; it develops as it goes. It is written from the angle of the organization. From the angle of what they want to tell, the biography is to be rewritten. It is a rethinking process. 

But Mine cannot be done like that! There are records that I have written at age 10. There are photos taken at age 10. Not only that, there are witnesses who have seen it. I am not narrating it after it has happened; I have written the script already, and I am executing it! So I can tell whatever happened with courage. All the witnesses can also listen to it.

The story is for YOU to understand!

Even in My autobiography, when I say I became enlightened, it is only for you to understand. Otherwise, I am very clear: I was like this from birth, from the moment I entered the body. I can see very clearly how I entered the body, and how I started moving the body. The whole thing is written on Me, like on a screen. I can see anything written on the screen. If the screen is alive, it can see anything projected on it. The screen very clearly feels everything. 

Even during birth, the whole thing was known to Me. See, at that point, I became the screen; I realized I am a screen on which the whole thing is being projected. So, for you to understand, I say I took birth, I became enlightened, and all that…but I very clearly feel that when I took birth itself, if I had a body which could talk, I would have spoken what I am speaking now very clearly, the same way. So, it is not ‘evolved knowledge’; it is Avimukta Vijñāna (knowledge that is never forgotten).

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