Mouna Swami

The Leela of Disciplehood






Mouna Swami

Mouna Swami belonged to the Ayya parampara. Ayya was a great master who lived around 200 or 250 years ago, I don’t know exactly – but years before Ramakrishna.

Mouna Swami was a seer with many mystical and spiritual powers, like ashta maha siddhis. He would be sitting on top of the Hill of Arunācala. He would never eat or sleep. He is the one who initiated Me into nirahara samyama (eating less). How when you fix a solar panel in your house, you run without electricity, in the same way, when you fix a solar panel in your body – that powerful bio memory (of the Siddha) where food is not required to live and survive – the body remembers its capacity to take energy from the Sun and make food for itself!

He could materialize anything out of nothing. He had the powers of remote vision and astral travel. Once he took the astral bodies of his devotees to a festival in KanyaKumāri! One day Mouna Swami appeared at three places simultaneously. All the three incidents were confirmed authoritatively. He could create diamonds and gold. Frequently he changed copper into gold. This was seen by people like Dr. Annie Besant. Mouna Swami cured diseases, and once he gave life to a devotee who was declared dead by doctors.

Once, his disciples saw that there was no pulse beat in him. They thought he was dead. Mātāji Vibhutānanda Puri rushed there and checked him, and she saw that he was in Yoga Samādhi, and told them to wait. But those guys did not believe her, and were not ready to listen. Then she brought a coconut and broke it on his head, and a little blood came out which was warm. So they did not bury him.

In the Yoga tradition, we don’t believe that your liver is liver after the body dies, your heart is heart after the body dies – even if it is just one second! The yogic definition of death is not the stopping of the heart; it is the heat on the Sahasrāra (crown cakra) settling down. The heat of the Sahasrāra crown center will be lower than the heat felt by the person on the palms. Yogis stop their heart and live even for three or four months, and their nails and hair keep growing during that period! Any research you do, and any understanding you come to, after analyzing the body parts from a dead body, is not true. All research on the body has to be done when the body is alive. Western scientists do not know this; Vedic yogis know it.

Anyhow, after three months, Mouna Swami came out of his Yoga Samādhi, and lived for at least ten years after that! I had the good fortune of having his darśan. Now he has passed away; he has attained in mahasamadhi. He was a great soul, a great sādhu, a great yogi.


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