Tiruvodu Swami

The Leela of Disciplehood






Tiruvodu Swami

Thiruvodu Swami was also called Kottangucchi Swami.

He was a mystic who got enlightened, and waiting for ParaŚakti’s permission to start asserting. He was like Shiva lying under Mother Kali’s foot! Shava had become Shiva, but had not yet been given permission to open the mouth and start asserting. He used to live where the girivalam (circumambulation path) path starts.

As a child, I enjoyed sitting with him. He would rarely speak, and when he spoke, it was in very few words. He rarely ate also. He would never get up from that place! He would always be sitting or reclining or lying down. I had a doubt about how he took a bath; his body was neither dirty nor had any bad smell! Once, when I sitting with him, I just wondered once about how he would go to the bathroom, because he was eating, so he would want to go to the bathroom at some time! The moment I thought this, Thiruvodu Swami said, “Arrey, fool! You are thinking this way about me..?” And he just lifted his leg, took out some faeces and showed it to Me. It was sparkling like diamonds and gems! I was just shocked..!

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