Saakkuppai Swami

The Leela of Disciplehood






Saakkuppai Swami

Another Sādhu I saw was Saakkuppai Swami. He was called ‘Saakkuppai Swami’ because he wore only jute cloth from gunny bags (called saakkupai in Tamil) and slept in the temple. Children were scared of him and avoided him.

Once I went to went to Saakkuppai Swami and asked him how I could see Arunācala in human form. Saakkuppai Swami laughed and said, “Don’t cheat me, go away, go away.” I ran away, frightened. When I turned around to see what the Swami was doing, I saw him prostrating on the ground in My direction!

After that, whenever I passed his way, he would throw candies and sweets towards Me, but I would not go near him. I actually thought that he was mad!

One day, I threw a rupee coin at Saakkuppai Swami. He said he did not need money, so I asked if I could bring him food. Saakkupai Swami said, “No, bring me beedis!” (local cigarettes made of cured tobacco leaves).

I bought a packet of beedis and gave it to him, and he just kept it by his side. Soon, a dog came and picked up the beedis and ran away. Saakkupai Swami told Me to follow the dog. The dog ran and reached Yogi Ramsurat Kumār and placed the packet in front of him! Yogi Ramsurat Kumār started smoking the beedis.

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