Moving the Himalayan Mountains in Badrinath

Leela of Spiritual wandering






I watch the power of ‘Consciousness over Matter’ 

I was traveling near Badrinath. I stayed at a village called Mana that is quite close to the indo Chinese border. There’s a place called Vyasa Guha nearby, a cave where Vyasa lived and wrote the Mahabharata, which is the longest epic, still the longest poem in the planet earth. Whenever people come and tell Me, “Mahabharata is a myth,” I tell them, “Relax.”
Badrinath is the place where Vyasa was staying. I had the fortune of staying in a monastery where a few monks were staying and practicing very powerful techniques with a Master. I can say all of them were almost on the verge of enlightenment. One person was enlightened. The Guru was fully enlightened but all others were on the verge of enlightenment. They were just literally playing with the power of these techniques.
I want you to understand now one important thing: Whatever I am expressing now is the truth, honest truth that I experienced with My own eyes and senses in My own life.
One morning when I was staying in the monastery, the Guru called all the disciples together. All of them were sitting and he was talking about some of these techniques of feeling connected. He was talking from the viewpoint of feeling connected to the whole Himalaya Mountains. It was very amazing. This enlightened Master was very loving and caring enough to allow Me also into their morning session.
He was asking one by one, “Did you practice this technique?” It seemed that only a few days before he initiated them into the technique of feeling connected to the whole Himalayas. They were supposed to constantly internalize that the Himalayas were part of their body. One Swami came and said, “Yes, Master, now I feel completely connected.”
The Master very casually said, “Alright then, move that rock on the mountain.”
Understand, I promise I saw with My eyes that this monk moved his hand and that rock moved!
It’s logically very difficult to believe. Only when you have a chance to live intimately can you believe. I had a shock and really, literally, I was ready to run away from that place. I just got up and got shaken, was shaken completely and started to run out of that place. That monk started laughing. The Master started laughing. He called Me back and said, “Why did you get frightened?” For the first time I was seeing that kind of power over matter.

I manifest the power of Consciousness over matter

See: I have seen small miracles like materializing vibhuti, the sacred ash and other objects. I have seen those things with a Master who initiated Me into yoga. I have seen him materializing a conch and other small things, anything that can be held by the hand. Those things do not need any great achievement. For those things all you need to do is to see that the gap between your hands should become a living energy field; then you can start materializing or teleporting. Usually it will be teleporting. Materializing does not happen usually. Very rarely I have seen someone creating something. Usually it will be only teleporting. I was able to do these also. This was too much, a huge solid rock just moving in the mountain!
He called Me back and he asked, “What happened? Were you frightened?”
I said, “Naturally!”
Then he said, “You want to see the power of mind? Just sit here.” He told that monk, the disciple who moved the rock, to hold My hand.
He told me, “Now you move your hand.”
Just then a very funny thing happened. I moved My hand and the rock came back to the original place! Of course this was too big a shock for Me. Then he told Me very beautifully, ‘It is not that only that Swami can do and you can’t do. No! Anybody who can be part of that connection will be able to move.”
I am not saying that you need to move the rock. If you just move your head, that’s enough! I’m not saying we need to move the rocks. I’m expressing about this technique only to tell you the power of this technique.
Today, The Avatār initiates thousands of disciples into the Śakti or power of ‘Consciousness over Matter!’ Thousands of disciples move objects with the power of Consciousness!

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