The Journey from the Hills to the Plains and to Southern India

Leela of Spiritual wandering






Back from Tapovan – A spine fracture and the first healing experience

On His way down from Tapovan to the plains, The Avatār travelled in an Indian Army truck. The truck had crude metal benches with metal bolts to locate weapons. At some point when the truck traversed a ditch, The Avatār was thrown up with force and landed on a steel bolt. The bolt pierced through and fractured His spine. He was taken to the nearest Army Hospital.
On the way to the Hospital, The Avatār kept His hand where the fracture had occurred and where the pain was intense. He found that even before He reached the Hospital, the pain reduced a lot. After the doctors gave Him some first aid, He walked out of the Hospital against the advice of the doctors and continued to heal Himself with His hand on the bottom of the spine.
This was the moment of The Avatār discovering His own healing energy! Self-healing to healing others was a small step for Him. And the next step was initiating others into becoming healers. Today, as His own extension, thousands of initiated healers heal in various parts of the world. 

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