With the 300-year-old Tibetan Lamas

Leela of Spiritual wandering






In ancient India, there was a practice called Kayakalpa, which is a technique to reverse the aging process. According to this philosophy, as you age, you become healthier because your body and mind are better trained to live in the world. If you are trained in driving and become a good driver, you can drive without any effort. In the same way, as the years pass, you should master the art of living in this world. They say that as you grow older you are not supposed to fall sick, or have stress, because you should know the logic of the world and become more intelligent, healthy and spontaneous. However, that is not our experience! What has happened? Where did we miss it? The missing link is our idea of time and being continuously reminded of chronological time because of the increased number of thoughts.
If we change two things, we can make kayakalpa a reality. First, change our perception about our body. We always think that as we age our body gets old and diseased. It is not necessary, but that’s our perception. We may question it by saying that when we get old, we really do feel tired and it’s not our imagination. We don’t know the power of your mind.
I once went to a place in Tibet, where the Lamas live. I was told people there live long. I saw an elderly man working in the fields. I asked him, “Do people here live long? Please tell Me about it.” He laughed and said, “You think I am old? I am just middle aged, I’m only 136. Ask others who are 200 or more.” There were medical records to show he really was 136. And he was working in the farm! I couldn’t believe it just like you all. Then they showed Me a report by researchers from Wisconsin University, who worked with them to study their body to understand how they live longer.
According to the scientists, their body works just like ours; it’s no different, even genetically. They conclude that there is something beyond the body that makes them live longer. None of the Lamas could give any reason for their long life. But they all had a strong belief that human beings are supposed to live up to 300 years. If someone died at 200, it was considered an unnatural death! I later read a report by scientists that says that our body continuously rejuvenates and replaces itself, and can do so for 300 years. So our perception about our body must change.
Your mind has such a tremendous power that whatever you believe you has the capacity to make it a reality. That’s why people who see horror movies continuously start seeing ghosts. If you watch one horror movie every night for ten days in a row, on the eleventh day you will see a ghost, or think you are seeing ghosts when a curtain moves. Your mind has the capacity to make anything as a reality. The first basic idea or your perception of time at the physical level, the very idea that the more you age the more you fall sick, is wrong.
The entire focus of the Avatāric Mission is for human beings to have powerful cognitions like in this story of the Tibetan Lamas. Disease, limited life and pain are all powerless cognitions. They manifest only more powerlessness in life. Powerful cognitions are what these Lamas held which made them live upto 300 years. Through His powerful Satsaṅgs and deekshas (initiations), The Avatār makes individuals move to holding powerful cognitions which makes them manifest powers of Śaktis in their life! The Avatār’s entire life story is about powerful cognitions and power manifestations as a result.

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