Enlightenment Experience – Fundamentals and Deterrents

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






Believe in your ‘bigness’ and want Enlightenment for the sake of its Truth

Some of the important truths you need to know are, because you are settled, your patterns look more natural, comfortable and possible for you than your ‘possibility’. Because you are settled, because you are habituated, your pattern looks possible, and your possibility impossible! The biggest block in the road of your completion and creation is not the smallness of your pattern, but the bigness of your possibility. I tell you, even after enlightenment at the age of twelve, it took ten years for My bio-memory to believe that it is the ultimate truth.
Please understand, at the age of twelve, I had the enlightenment experience. But I was always attracted to that experience because of the joy I experienced in that state, not because I believed that it is the ultimate truth! I was not in love with enlightenment because it is the ultimate truth; I was in love with enlightenment because of the joy and bliss the state brought.
When you believe your bigness, your bio-memory will breakthrough. I tell you, I will not ask any of My disciples or followers to believe in anything, including the miracle powers attributed to Me, but I will sincerely recommend you to believe in the bigger possibility of you. Even if you believe the miraculous powers attributed to me, it will only be of a little support for you in your own life. But if you believe the bigger possibility in you, it will revolutionize your whole life. Understand, while on the surface you believe you are confronted by your patterns and the limitations imposed by your patterns, deep down inside you, you actually resist expansion, you resist expansion. Just see, look around the society. Everything is nothing but the resistance to expansion.
Don’t try to have enlightenment because of the joy or bliss it gives you. Try to have enlightenment because of the truth it radiates. If you want enlightenment because of the joy it gives, you will try to find the shortcuts like marijuana. Marijuana is the shortcut found by people who try to achieve nirvana in a very quick way.


You can never possess enlightenment, only Enlightenment can possess you

I tell you, you can never possess enlightenment; you can never ‘achieve’ enlightenment. You can never possess enlightenment; only enlightenment can possess you. It happens to you when you drop all desires. In My own life, I can say I became enlightened when I had My first spiritual experience at twelve. But I did not realize this and I tried to possess it. It slipped just like water from My palm. Only when I dropped all desires to become enlightened and just relaxed, it happened in me permanently, and I realized it is the same experience I had when I was twelve! But My attempt to possess it made it slip away from Me. So understand: I do not possess enlightenment; enlightenment has possessed Me.


Enlightenment is a decision to live your fulfilment!

When I say that I became enlightened, fulfilled, let Me tell you exactly what happened in Me. Suddenly, I saw that I physically made a decision to be fulfilled! That’s all! Please understand: that’s all. I am breaking one of the important pots! When I say that I became enlightened at the age of twelve, all that I did was take a decision to live My fulfillment. I think it is enough if you understand this one idea; just this one idea.
You are continuously struggling with so many different ideas, like, ‘How will I be fulfilled? I want to be fulfilled, but I don’t know how!’ Actually, if you follow the concept of ‘I want to be fulfilled, but I don’t know how’, then you will suffer for some time, but you will learn the lesson. You will understand, ‘I am struggling even though there is no enemy in front of me. I am just fighting with the air and trying to slap the air. Sometimes in the process, I slap too much and I slap myself. That is what is happening!’
And then you say that the other person slapped you; he is your enemy! Please understand that nobody is slapping you. You are trying to slap your enemy with so much force that you slap yourself.
When I say I became enlightened, all I did was to physically decide to live My fulfillment. So all you need to do to live your fulfillment is – you have to just physically decide!


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