Gifts of the Enlightenment Experience

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






You will liberate yourself from ‘shrinking in fear’

It is very unfortunate – we restrict ourselves to our skin because of the fear. Our existence itself becomes fear for us. Because the existence becomes fear, we try to shrink ourselves as much as possible. You can always see, when you are afraid, you lock yourself inside your house and feel safe. This pattern of shrinking yourself to be out of fear is one of the most life-shrinking, life-negative pattern.
At the age of 12 (after this incident) fortunately I was liberated from this pattern of shrinking. How much alive you feel inside your skin, with the same intensity, with the same authenticity, I felt I was alive in everything that exists! So based on this experience, my relationship with the world, my relationship with human beings, with nature, with myself, everything had a cognitive shift. That is what I define as enlightenment. Enlightenment is the cognitive shift that happens in you based on the experience ‘you exist in everything that exists’.


Your Kundalini will fulfill all your wishes! 

Your Kundalini is like a Kalpavriksha, Kalpataru tree (ancient mystical boon giving tree). When your Kundalini is awakened, anything you ask is immediately granted. That is why I don’t awaken the Kundalini of the kids. I wait till they become mature, till they learn to live integrity, because they should not misuse it or abuse it. 


You will move from Verbalisation to Visualisation or Intuition 

After enlightenment, there will not be any movement of any letter or word or thought between your navel and your throat. The words will come only from the throat. I can say this is one of the precise descriptions of enlightenment. There will not be any word or thought or syllable or sound movement between the navel and the throat. It means that only when you talk, the words will come. When you are not talking there will not be any words inside, there will be only the energy movement. It means there is no thought, no verbalization, no continuous inner chattering.
Your inner chattering is the only thing which disturbs your whole life. It is very difficult for a normal person to understand this. They will always think, ‘Unless I have inner chattering, how will I plan my everyday life? How will I be able to run my business? How will I be able to live?’
Understand, when you don’t have inner chattering, I don’t say it is a dead silence. It is an intense energy. Whatever needs to be done comes out as a full and complete visualization. For example, for what you need to do tomorrow, if you have the inner chattering, it will come line by line: Morning, I will have to get up. Then, I will have to go to my office. Then I will be doing this work. Then evening I will come back. Then I may have this program, that program… in a linear way, one by one, it comes out.
When you don’t have inner chattering and you are just with yourself, the whole visualization comes out as one statement or one information. That is what we call intuition.
All you now need is the clarity: There IS really something beyond verbalization – and I want it. This clarity is more than enough. This conscious decision is more than enough.


You will have richer human qualities like forgiving biological and spiritual mentors

I just sat and scanned what all exactly happened in Me after My first experience. First thing: I have become very rich in human qualities – like love, caring, sharing, compassion, courage – all the human qualities. Please understand: As long as you remember that you are just a human being, you cannot become rich in human qualities; you will always have poverty in quality, poverty in the inner space. Only when you experience a different plane altogether, a different being, when you have disconnected from the human level, you experience superconsciousness.
At birth and from birth, you carry a deep down anger towards your parents. You will have a deep anger towards anybody who gives you a new breakthrough in your world by taking you to a different plane, by giving you either a physical body or spiritual evolution. Understand: Your parents are in a way responsible for your sufferings in this birth, but you should also understand they are responsible for the great things that you enjoy in the human body!
It was in the same way it was with the Master also. See, when your Master, when he gives you a new consciousness, when he adds knowledge to you, when he adds spirituality to you, he takes you to the different plane. Sometimes there will be suffering in the process. There will be that feeling of disconnection. So you start blaming the Master. Naturally, I started blaming Annamalai Swamigal.
Understand: The Master is not responsible for your suffering. Your parents are not responsible for your suffering. In a larger sense, you may think they are responsible, but they are not. They only gave you the possibility; it is your choice. In the same way, the Master only gave you the possibility; it is your choice.
When I had My first experience, it was such a joy! I became so rich in human qualities that the need to abuse him disappeared in Me. I understood that he opened a new possibility for Me. It became tremendous love and deep devotion for Annamalai Swamigal.
So first thing: I was able to deeply forgive My parents for giving me the birth. I was able to forgive My teachers, I was able to forgive everything. I was able to deeply love everything. I was not able to blame anybody. That was the first thing, great thing that happened in Me. Suddenly you become rich!
The other day somebody came and asked me, ‘Swamiji, after spending two three years with you, why do people leave? How can they leave? Why don’t you keep them? Why don’t you keep them in the ashram, or keep them with us?’ I tell them, ‘This is the greatness of a living Master. He gives you. He never hypnotizes you. He never brainwashes you. He gives you all possibilities. You can leave even after ten years. Doors are open. An ordinary teacher will try to build things, teach things, create systems and setups, from which you can’t escape. But with a Master, he gives you the possibility. All possibilities are open – to be in or to be out. When you are in love, you see this truth. The whole thing is built with love, freedom, compassion and truth. When the love disappears from your side, suddenly you will see, everything becomes dark. You will not be able to relate with what is going on around the Master and what is happening around the Master. 


The Avatār, in one of His powerful talks on master-disciple relationship spoke of the power of the ego or identity that can overshadow one’s connection with the Master. He shared that our ego, our identity, our attachments and our desires are what bring us suffering. The Master works on the surgery of removing this ego, of removing our identity. Not only is it painful, but it is also many a time so unbearable a separation that we run away from the surgery. Even the Master cannot help at this stage. What the Master cannot teach, suffering has to teach us. We then return. The beauty, the wonder, the miracle, is that the Master waits for you. He stands there with his arms open. As far as he is concerned, you had never left. 

The Avatār finally said, ‘Where will you go? Where can you go? Once you have walked into My arms, once you have entered the gates of My ashram, how can there be separation? I am with you always – even if you are not with Me.’ 

You will connect to the Collective Consciousness and be in bliss!

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that the realized person sees the Supreme in everyone and everything. He sees everything situated in the Supreme and all beings situated in the Supreme. The yogi is in touch with the higher Self and is in bliss. When we experience the Truth, we see everything in ourselves and ourselves in everything. In fact, in My first spiritual experience at the age of twelve, this is what I clearly saw.
Through Quantum Physics studies, the scientific community has come to the conclusion that everything in the universe is energy. In fact, this is the first line in the Upanishad that was given by our vedic seers thousands of years ago. The very first line of Isha Vasya Upanishad says, ‘
Isha vasyam idam sarvam,’ meaning, ‘all that exists is energy’. All our minds are not individually separate pieces of the universe. They are all one and the same. All our minds are interlinked; not only interlinked, they directly affect each other. This is what I call Collective Consciousness.


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