Immediate Happenings with Kuppammal and Sampath

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






I make My way to Sampath’s house

Understand deeply: There was no pain or suffering or loss of memory. You all cannot recall the scene of your taking birth. There is no memory there. The moment you enter the mother’s womb, the past memories get disconnected. For Me, that does not happen. When you wake up from sleep, are the dreams disconnected, or are the previous day’s happenings disconnected? No! In the same way, without loss of memory, and without going to the coma stage, it happens with full awareness.

I saw very clearly that in all the three states – waking state, dream or sleep, it was like as if I was in the normal, awake state, and I entered the body just sitting in that state! This is what they call conscious birth. In the year 1978, in the Tamil month of Margazhi, on the star – Citra Nakṣatra, Kanyā Rāśi, Kanyā Lagnam.

 From that moment, I know this body is there, which happened out of that light, that intense light. If I describe it, maybe I can say it was a light ball or something like that. Whenever I fall asleep, I fall into that only. Whenever I fall into Samādhi, I fall into that, that’s all. All other superficial things that happen, like jāgrat (waking state), svapna (dream state), and suṣupti (deep sleep state) are only superficial. That is why all those three do not make any difference in this body.   

 It was a normal delivery without any pain. Only thing, the baby was really big! Doctors thought it was going to be twins! My mother said that I was ten pounds in weight. Indian village mothers can never imagine delivering a ten-pound child, because usually Indian village mothers are malnourished – and I was not born in a very rich family, I was born in a middle-class family – and there was no special pregnancy care given to My mother. My mother said she felt as if I was inside for five years! The body was mature, equivalent to a three-year old child – just like Mīnākṣī, who was never born, but had directly walked out of a sacred fire ritual as a three-year-old girl. 

 My mother says I never ever cried as well. 


SAMPATH – My classmate and childhood friend 

After the experience, My body did not even move. Maybe at around 7:30 or 8:00, I came down slowly. Those days there was no light in that area. But I didn’t need any light. I could see everything! Of course, the moon was there because it was a full moon day. It would have been about 6.30 or so. Only at that time I was able to move my body. I descended from the hilltop.
The joy was so much…I went straight to My classmate and friend’s (Sampath) house. I took him to the temple and explained to him, “I sat and meditated on that rock, that hill, and I got this experience. Now I can see anywhere! You also go and meditate in that rock. You will also have this experience.” I thought that experience happens only on that rock.
He asked, “What experience happened in you?” I said, “See, I can now see all sides without turning My head. If you want, you can check.”


Sampath tests Me out and gets frightened


Where I showed sampath the ant moving behind my head! 

He thought I was playing a prank or just making fun. He took a coin. Kids would always carry a coin in their trousers pocket. He took a coin and showed it behind My head and asked, ‘Is it heads or tails?’ I said the correct thing. He tested Me five or six times. I said the exact correct thing every time. In fact one time, I told him that he was covering the coin and not showing anything! I then told him, “Not only can I see the coin you are showing without turning My head, I can also see the tree behind you and the ants climbing up the tree… I can see everything.” He became shocked and frightened.


I give him the first energy darśan but he runs away

I then told him, “The energy is gushing… I can give it you!” And I caught his hand. When I caught his hand, the energy started flowing into his body. He got afraid! He tried to wring his hands free. I caught both his hands and hugged him and placed My thumb on his forehead to transmit the energy. But the moment I hugged him, he couldn’t withstand the energy that started flowing into him. He was in a daze for a few moments. I pressed My thumb on his forehead and gave him energy darśan – the first energy darśan! Something happened in him but he could not withstand it. He told Me, ‘Alright, just sit here, I will go to the restroom and come back’ – and he ran away and never came back!
He is the evidence for the experience that happened at that time! He is the witness who saw it that very same day! So the first thing I did after the experience happened, was giving energy darśan! The first thing that Buddha did after enlightenment was to give a discourse. But I decided that it is no use talking, and started transmitting the experience directly! These days you can’t talk and transmit the experience. You can only transmit the energy. So the first thing I did was to give energy darśan. Understand deeply: more than knowing about many incidents, internalizing the inspiration or essence from the incidents is what is important.
For two-and-a-half days, for a full two and-a-half days I could not understand what was happening! It took a full two-and-a-half days for me to understand that I was in some other space. I could see everything as my presence.


I feel I am possessed by a ghost!

Understand: When I had this experience, it completely shook Me, shook Me; all My ideas about enlightenment disappeared! Just like how, when you meet Me, all yourr ideas about an enlightened master will disappear… mind-boggling, you can’t comprehend Me! If you are fortunate, you just see Me in a class and go away..! But if you spend little time around Me… so alive, so spontaneous, unimaginable, unable to put inside your frame! You will feel shaken.
And I was there in that space for two-and-a-half days. When I started settling, the first thing that happened was, I thought some ghost had possessed me!
Because I never knew that enlightenment would be like this, the negative abhyasa started taking over. The mental groove is not able to hold that experience. My mind started telling Me, ‘Don’t go to that place again.’ After that, it took Me six months to go near that place!
When I went back, I asked Mātāji Vibhutānanda, “Am I possessed by a ghost?”
She checked my energy and said, “No, you are not possessed by a ghost; you are possessed by God!” She gave me courage, and after a few days that fear went away.
By just eating that food and being around her, suddenly, I saw that My body is picking up the courage to live that enlightenment; My brain is creating new grooves to live that enlightenment; My system is falling in tune to live that enlightenment, to live that joy, to radiate that joy. 


You are carrying the MIP inside you!


My Vedānta and Tantra Guru 

After this experience, for around two-and-a-half days I was in that vast 360-degree experience. It felt like the whole sky is centred on My ananda gandha cakra! If I have to draw a cartoon of it, it will look like a huge balloon which is tied to My ananda gandha, and that balloon is the whole Cosmos!
Mātāji Vibhutānanda Puri used to cook and feed Me, and she also used to give Me lot of uncooked herbs to prepare My body, and keep My body stable. The first instruction that she gave Me after those two-and-a-half days was, “Remember, Brahmaivaaham!” Please understand, she said, “Remember, this body is the vehicle of Brahman, the Cosmos.” She did not tell Me, “Aham Brahmasmi – I am Brahman”; she said, “Brahmaivaaham!” It means, this body is a vehicle of that Brahman. You are carrying the most important person in the world. Not VIP – Very Important Person; MIP – Most Important Person! Brahmaivaaham! Luxury of Kundalini! 


Luxury of kundalini

Veda shaastra Guru tattva swayam ananda lakshanam!” – As per the Vedas, Shastras and teachings of the Guru, my Self is pure bliss!
When you come to this experience, that is what I call ‘Luxury of Kundalini’. How you carry your shoulders and neck every day when you walk out of your room to live your life, what you carry in your eyes to share with the world… Understand, whatever you carry in your eyes, nose, face, mouth, it gets shared with the world without even you pressing the ‘share’ button! That is why Vivekananda says, “If you are carrying stupid depression, don’t come out of your room; better lock yourself in your room!”
Again and again I want to repeat that word, ‘Luxury of kundalini’. It is the gift I am giving it to the world, understand? Anybody who claims you are My disciple, follower, devotee, you should have received this gift. No question of any powerlessness. The way you carry you, the way you walk, talk, sit, see, people should know you are carrying a MIP – Most Important Person – inside you, you are carrying somebody very important in your heart. 


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